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Asphalt: Injection

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Asphalt: Injection
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This game feels like an injection and should be buried in the asphalt roads.
Genre(s): Racing
Platform(s): PlayStation Vita
Android (Lenovo K60 version)
Release: JP: December 17, 2011
NA: February 15, 2012
EU: February 22, 2012
AU: February 23, 2012
Developer(s): Gameloft
Publisher(s): JP: Konami
WW: Ubisoft
Country: France
Series: Asphalt

Asphalt: Injection is a game that was developed by Gameloft and published by Ubisoft exclusive for the PlayStation Vita, a failed PlayStation handheld console. It was released in North America in February 15, 2012.

Why It's Injected with Mediocrity

  1. The game somehow looks like a reskin of Asphalt 6, but with different HUDs and UIs.
  2. The female announcer in the game is cringeworthy, even worse than that of its predecessor.
  3. Broken physics, whereas tracks such as New York, Shanghai and Hong Kong are very hard to drive on due to them.
  4. This game somewhat doesn't feel like Asphalt.
  5. When in a camera view, the game becomes a first-person game where you can view your cars in a very futuristic environment which looks very cool, but the character that you are moving moves very slow, you start to realize that this is a worthless feature since you don't already have at least six or seven cars at the start.
  6. Only a small amount of customization features, compared to Asphalt 9: Legends.
  7. You can't tell what cars are for sale or not.
  8. Poor graphics, even the 2012 Most Wanted game on PS Vita has superior graphics compared to this game.
  9. Broken AI.
  10. Awkward handling. Also, when you hit a concrete wall no matter how fast you're going, you still have control over your car, when in most Asphalt games you lose all control over your car when you hit a wall.
  11. Its gameplay becomes very boring when you've beat the campaign and played all of the modes, which are worthless.
  12. Multiplayer is boring than any other Asphalt game after and before it.
  13. A lot of technical problems.
  14. Forgettable soundtrack.
  15. Awkward sound effects, such as the takedown sound, asphalt sound, and crash sound.
  16. Clunky controls.
  17. No challenges at all.
  18. The Android version is buggier since most phones have graphical glitches with the rendering, the resolution is also broken, however it can be fixed.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Instead of having to pay real world currency for this Asphalt game, you have to buy the car or upgrade you want using in-game money. This game was the only way to escape the now rampant microtransactions in the later games.
  2. This game was one of the few games in the Asphalt series to include police, which you have to avoid, though it's not executed well in the installment.
  3. Detroit, Hong Kong and Rio were added since the track removal from Asphalt 6, despite the broken physics.
  4. The Lenovo version includes 2 new cars, Lenovo Asphalt Injection and Ultimate, which both replace the Audi R8 GT and Ferrari Enzo.



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