Art of Stealth

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Art of Stealth
Did people seriously not learn anything from Digital Homicide?!
Genre(s): First Person Shooter
Platform(s): Steam (No longer available)
Release: 2017
Developer(s): Matan Cohen
Publisher(s): Matan Cohen Studios
Series: Art of Stealth

Art of Stealth was a "stealth" game developed by Matan Cohen and released for Microsoft Windows in January of 2017 via Steam. The game was removed after the developer was banned from Steam for using duplicate accounts to give his own game positive reviews.

Why It's Not Art

  1. The title is a lie. There is no way to get through the levels stealthily because it uses FPS style assets and AI. In the second mission, the game suddenly switches to a survival-style game.
  2. Dumb narration when you start the game.
  3. Most of the game is made out of stock Unity assets.
  4. It was unfinished, yet was posted as a "full release" and not "Early Access".
  5. The game is extremely short with only two missions and a bonus mission where you have to collect $10,000 in three minutes.
  6. Terrible visuals.
  7. Very stupid plot. The protagonist is framed for a crime but then commits several real crimes to prove his innocence.
  8. Inconsistent fog fading in the starting location. Both the weapon you're holding in your hands and your character model itself is faded blue like they're affected by distance fog, yet they're actually close to you (you know, because that's your model holding the weapon), and objects that are farther away are actually faded white by fog instead of blue like your character model.
  9. The starting location has blatantly missing geometry past a certain wall near the door to the mansion, the floor past the wall is missing and you can see floating buildings in the distance. In the bonus mission, there is also missing geometry where you can escape the entire mansion and fall infinitely.
  10. The background can be seen moving abnormally when you look at it and move around. Inside the mansion, there are also square holes inside that show an abnormally moving background which is illogical because there are no windows there.
  11. It's impossible to hit an enemy with the knife before they hit you.
  12. Cartoony coins and glowing crystal gems that clash with the game's realistic "theme".
  13. When enemies are killed they make a hilarious death scream as they slowly drop to the ground.
  14. When the time runs out in a mission you suddenly die for no logical reason.
  15. It is possible to fall through the game's floor and out of the game world.
  16. You can see the "Bandicam" watermark not removed during a cutscene.
  17. The developer openly insulted users who said negative things about him or the game and ignored warnings about his behavior. He also used "copyright violation" as an excuse to try to censor criticism, he flagged negative reviews and deleted negative feedback claiming it was "abuse" then said users were "bullying" him.
  18. The developer sent threatening messages to videos covering the game demanding them to be removed claiming that otherwise, he would have YouTube remove the videos, then arrogantly claimed the videos somehow would be removed. He then actually did make DMCA claims to try to take down those videos, which of course failed.
  19. The developer used several fake accounts to give the game positive reviews. He claimed those accounts belonged to his friends and family but Valve determined that they all shared his IP address.


The game was very poorly received, but more attention went to the developer's response to negative feedback. Countless users on Steam and YouTube tried to warn the developer that he was doing the same as Digital Homicide and would eventually be banned from Steam if he didn't stop and repeatedly suggested to change his behavior. Soon enough, those warnings became true and Valve removed the game from Steam and banned the developer permanently, just like Digital Homicide.

It should be noted that the game was removed not due to the developer's behavior, but because of the duplicate accounts posting a positive review on his own game.



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