Ardennes Offensive

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Ardennes Offensive
Ardennes Offensive.jpg
The German quality isn't always gold, when the publisher is IncaGold!
Protagonist: Cowell
Genre: First-Person Shooter
Platforms: Microsoft Windows
Release Date: DE: 2004
EU: November 1, 2006
Developer: Asylum Games
Publisher: DE: Asylum Games
EU: IncaGold
Made in: Germany

Ardennes Offensive is a 2004 first-person shooter video game developed and published by Asylum Games in Germany for Microsoft Windows. Two years later it was published by IncaGold in Europe.


An American soldier, Cowell who was out on patrol when the Germans suddenly attacked the allied camp. Cowell survives the attack but finds himself alone and injured among the German forces. His only hope survival is to make it to the allied camp but to reach it he has move through the center of the enemy lines. At the same time Cowell has to gather as much information about the German offensive as possible and do what he can to sabotage it.

Why It Sucks

  1. The game title is incorrectly written in the main menu and reads "Ardennen Offensive" instead of according to the game cover.
  2. Extremely poor graphics, in particular, surroundings, nature and backgrounds. The protagonist incorrectly holds the weapons, which look like you're holding them left-handed while holding the weapon to your right hand. The train wheels look like tomatoes. The rats have red skin, which look so ridiculous that they look like they ate too much "Tomato-Wheels" from the train. The snow has been bleached so that it stings the eyes.
  3. Most of the weapons are useless. The pistol for example deals pathetic damage. Regardless of what weapon you shoot, whether in the head or in the leg, or even in the stomach, you do the same damage anyway.
  4. In missions, when you're outside, you lose 1% health every few seconds.
  5. Changing the difficulty level is pointless. Regardless of whether you play easy, meaning "-", and difficult, meaning "+", the game is played in the same way.
  6. In the second mission, as a rule, you must destroy the bridge, you must escape as far as possible and as soon as possible, because even if you were a little far from the bridge, the dynamite would blow up, but then it would insta kill you, which makes this dynamite equal to the power of a nuke.
  7. The third mission is pointless, because you must destroy all boxes and soup bowls, even if you killed all the possible opponents.
  8. When you shoot at mine, then it kills you, even if you shoot from a far distance. And all you have to do is defuse it.
  9. The ending of the game is practically nonexistent. There is a cutscene that adds nothing to the story, which you also will not experience in the game.
  10. The cutscenes and interludes from the war chronicles are pasted in bad video quality.
  11. The game is really short. You can complete this in an hour without dying and hurrying.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. The music from the main menu is actually decent.


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