Arcane Raise

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Arcane Raise
"Six crappy games in one year? That's insane!"
Genre: Turn-based RPG
Platforms: Steam
Release Date: 2017
Developer: Arcane Raise
Publisher: Arcane Raise
Franchise: Arcane Raise

Arcane Raise is a series of RPG Maker games, which is also the same name of the developer of the series notably. There are so fair 6 games released from 2017 to present. There are six games so far; Arcane Raise, Arcane PRERaise, Arcane reRaise, as well another trio which swaps out the word "arcane" for "occult". 

Why All The Games Sucked

  1. The games tend to be big grindfests to the point where to beat the game you need to grind first.
  2. Bosses are basically monsters but with lots of health and attack; making them mindless.
  3. The achievements tend to be too easy even for Steam games. Sometimes, there are parts which have you UNLOCK all of the achievements!
  4. The games are made with no learning from previous mistakes (there are currently 6 games so far, and the developers can't be bothered to fix them).
  5. Some of their games copy from each other's games, such as maps, scripts, etc.
  6. They often have the experience of what you can get from a free-to-play game that could be made with little to no thought put into it.
  7. Pointless microtransactions in an RPG Maker game that basically acts like a mobile game.
  8. Very dumb titles. The other trio, is basically the same name except with "arcane" swapped with "occult".


Many of the Arcane Raise series, tend to get down to "Mostly Negative" reception from players, criticizing the aspects, designs, and poor quality of the games.


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