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Arcade tactical competitive shooter (also known as Counter Strike clone or Korean tactical shooter) is a genre of first-person shooters, which features Counter Strike-like gunplay and game modes, but without the shop system and accuracy penalty for moving.

Most games of this genre come from Korea.

Why This Genre Sucks

  1. Often these shooters have pay-to-win monetization, resulting in countless pointless weapons and only two to four superior guns. And even if there is not P2W, there are still huge amounts of bad and mediocre weapons.
  2. The gameplay is a blatant rip-off of Counter-Strike, but unlike the series, it lacks the charm of it.
    • For example the primary game-mode is always the CS-like bomb defuse. Other game-modes are usually lacking, even though in the original Counter-Strike series there were more game modes besides the bomb defuse one.
  3. The setting never changes. It is always set in the modern times which means that the gameplay is very repetitive.
  4. The co-op game-mode is always made of zombies.
  5. Team deathmatch maps that often feature two to four corridors and are very small.
  6. Sniper rifles and confined space.
  7. Visual customization, featuring weapon and character skins which are acquired from loot boxes, never changes.
  8. Most of the skins are for the superior guns.
  9. Some of these games expand outside Korea, being advertised as a brand new nextgen game running a closed (paid) Beta test.


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