Arcade games being remade in 3D

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In the Late 1990's 3D was starting to be used more in video games with the introduction of the PlayStation.

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In November 1997, a game company subsidiary of board-game manufacturer Hasbro called Hasbro Interactive released a 3D remake of Frogger to mixed reviews and very high sales. The game sold 1.5 million units on the PC in just 2 months and 4 million units on the PlayStation. This led to some game companies to make 3D recreations of arcade games, such as Activision remaking Atari's Battlezone and Asteroids.

Hasbro Interactive still was the leader in this trend after they acquired the Atari brand and it's properties. Hasbro tried to achieve the same success as their Frogger remake by producing remakes of Centipede, Missile Command, Pong, Q*Bert and Breakout, as well as licensing some titles from Namco and producing Pac-Man: Adventures in Time and Galaga: Destination Earth, none of which were received or sold well for Hasbro and were found easily in bargain bins before long. They were mainly criticized for not following the original gameplay of the original arcade game. Infogrames tried to continue by releasing a remake of Combat, Warlords and released Ms. Pac-Man: Quest for the Golden Maze and Dig Dug Deeper for Namco, but all of those sold poorly as well.

By this time the whole "Arcade games in 3D" thing was just a fad. Some game companies still do this, but those remakes stay true to the original game.


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