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"I'll suck your eye out!"
Genre(s): Third-person shooter
Rating(s): PEGI: 18+
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows
Release: WW: September 30, 2005
DE/AT/CHE: October 12, 2006
Engine: RenderWare
Developer(s): Qbik Interactive
Publisher(s): WW: Noviy Disk
DE/AT/CHE: IncaGold
FR: Nobilis
Country: Russia
Series: Antikiller

Antikiller[1] is a 2005 third-person shooter game based on the 2002 crime movie of the same name. Developed by Qbik Interactive and published by Noviy Disk worldwide, IncaGold in German-speaking countries, and Nobilis in France.


A former policeman, Major Korenew after his release, after several years in prison he learns that his friends from the unit were murdered and that the informal power in Moscow was seized by Shaman and Vane, introducing total chaos. The rampant lawlessness and the desire to avenge colleagues forces the protagonist to take appropriate action. Of course, order in the city can only be achieved using methods well known to criminals.

Why It Sucks

  1. The main menu, while original, is unreadable. It's just a scope that you use to see the options on the menu. You can get confused when you play the first time. The game also sometimes freezes in place after starting, and there are frequent crashes when trying to run a function.
  2. The story is not given in the cutscenes, nor in splash screens, nor through full motion videos. Instead, the developers decided to go with the cheapest way by simply cutting the film fragments and putting them before and after missions.
    • What's worse, these "scenes" cannot be skipped. If you lose a mission, you have to watch the clip all over again. And even worse, the game can sometimes crash after five seconds during the cutscene, and sometimes even haphazardly, they don't show up at all after completing missions.
  3. Speaking of "cutscenes", the cutscenes are total of twenty-six minutes, a 40% of the entire game!
  4. Oddly made scripts.
    • In the first mission, when you meet your first enemies, they only throw words at you, and when you reach for a weapon, they start attacking. #* Also, in the first level, you have a "boss" at the end, who is completely immortal and can kill you with one shot. First you have to kill all the regular enemies, and as the developers intended, you have to go in the specific way: go to the other side of the block, escort your companion, the "boss" will cease to be so powerful and will like an ordinary enemy, dying after a few shots, and no longer kills you in one shot.
    • There is something similar in the third level, but slightly different. At the beginning, in front of you, you will meet an immortal enemy and you must follow the same path that the creators intended to finally kill him.
  5. The game has a weird healing system. It is original but completely illogical. The game does not have any first aid kits and other things as heal items, instead, you regain your health by killing enemies while in the rage mode.
  6. The game can be completed in less than an hour!
  7. Extremely poor level design. The places where this game takes you are like in a post-nuclear age. The housing estates are terribly empty, there is absolutely nothing in the rooms, not even an armchair, bed or windows.
  8. The second, fifth and sixth levels are stages where all you do is standing in one place and having to kill all enemies.
  9. False advertising: In the seventh stage, the game says you will be in the club. According to the developers and the game, the club is an empty building, full of boxes and cargo containers.
  10. The dialogues in the English version are even worse. For example, in one level you will be given a task to kill all the enemies in the area, but once you do this and approach the policeman you need to escort, you are greeted with this: "I've killed everybody, let's go!".
  11. Speaking of translating Russian sentences in English, the dialogues themselves are hilarious. Examples include: "Muzzle down!", "We'll be killing you now!", "He’s got trunk!", "Im brick", "We are Vikings!", "Hands on the nape!", "We're immortal!", or even "I'll suck your eye out!". In some lines the accent diactric was forgotten.
  12. The weapons, although useful, are badly balanced. Shotguns can usually deal damage only if the enemies are too close, and with pistol you can shoot anywhere, no matter how far you are.
  13. Terrible graphics that can compete with Wolfschanze at best. The textures are flat bitmaps with a resolution of 256x256, and the character models look like they have been made out of the rotten sausages and used chewing gum from dirty teeth. The shading is almost non-existent. And the effects also did not use the craftsmanship of graphic designers with advanced technology.
  14. The animations are not only made at the lowest cost, but also hilariously awful. Especially the animation of enemies walking with baseball bats.
  15. Bad artificial intelligence. For example, mindless guys armed with baseball bats whose only tactic is to literally walk in a straight line towards you, regardless of the objects or even the fact that you are shooting at them. In the final mission, the enemies often commit suicide because of the altitude at which they were.
  16. Audio that leaves something to be desired. The voice of the main character does not match the one from the film, the sounds of the guns simply do not match the guns you're firing, which are also completely stolen from Counter-Strike.
  17. There is no music during the gameplay. In the main menu, you will hear a scrap of songs, but in the form of all songs played at once. Just like in Gods and Generals, but unlike Antikiller, the music was also given to you to hear during the gameplay.
  18. Large technical and graphical problems:
    • As mentioned above, there are crashes during the cutscenes.
    • When killing the enemies that are adjacent to the walls, their hand will be pinned to the inside of the veil
    • Sometimes it happens that a certain boss, i.e. an ordinary enemy with increased health, simply runs away from a given place on the map where we were supposed to kill him, and after a while he becomes insane and freezes in a place like a pillar of salt. In addition, while in this state, your shooting does absolutely nothing to him, and the only way to bring him back to the area is to go to the other end of the map and wait impatiently for him to move.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The plot is good, though the actual credit goes to the movie.
  2. Despite an illogical balance, weapons in terms of dealing damage are very useful, which doesn't happen often in bad shooters.



Publication Score
7Wolf Magazine 3.5/10[2]
Absolute Games ( 17%[3] 6/20[4]
GameStar 22/100[5]
PC Games (Germany) 5/100[5][6]

Critical reception

The game was met with an overwhelmingly negative reception from critics and users alike. On Gry-Online the game received an average rating of 4.2/10 by users.[7]

The French game website Jeuxvideo gave it a 6/20, saying: "A sort of mix between a movie shot on a camcorder equipped with automatic vibrations and a failed ersatz Hitman, Killers isn't quite the game everyone has been waiting for around the corner. Not finalized, incomplete in its operation and really boring even in the short term, the software edited by Nobilis gives the impression of having been put under the control of a few agents all dressed in black and not very conciliatory. If you guys do well, we are counting on you for a better balanced next game."[4]

Absolute Games gave it 17%, summarizing: "Rejoice fans! From now on, you have a great opportunity to devote the whole evening to the appendage to your favorite movie - with a bunch of cut clips and a familiar plot / music. And to everyone else - advice: life is too short, do not waste it on pseudo games like "Antikiller"."[3]

German website GameStar, which, like the rest of the reviewers, were also strict with the game. They gave it a 22%, partially mocking the game due to "Anti-", they summed up with a few sentences: "Anyone expecting a pacifist Anti-Killer game behind the title Antikiller will be disappointed. Just like Action-Fans. This pathetic shooter is based on a Russian action film creation of the same name. The game undercuts the film with Anti-Fun, Anti-Graphics and Anti-AI. So: Anti-Buy recommendation."[5]

PC Games remained the most strict with the game. They gave it a 5%, saying: "A title appears every few months, which causes dismay even for long-suffering editors. Antikiller is one. Its content is that you send a character through three-dimensional spaces and shoot down opponents who stumble in pitiful animations. Rather, you are busy not losing your temper. Because to be able to play through anti-killers within an hour, it contains a lot of nonsense. To list them would go beyond the scope. Therefore, we want to leave it at the tip to keep a safe distance. And if there should actually be a ban on "killer games", it wouldn't be so bad anymore."[5][6]



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