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DISCLAIMER: This article is NOT an attack piece on those who do not support or criticize the GamerGate movement. The purpose of this article is to point out legit issues existing within people or groups of people that took up an Anti-GG stance. GamerGate is far from perfect and is a typical case of Grey and Gray Morality. It's okay to disagree or make legit criticism at times.


"Who decided the people to represent games in media would be the same people who think games are still for kids and mock anyone with actual passion for it as loser or whatever other outdated stereotype, to maintain the 'we're too cool for this shit' image their followers share in. I remember when I saw a game journalist tweet about some japanese game merch he was given for free, laughing at it and mocking people who would like it with his followers. Game journalists appeal to and have a following of people who hate games and gamers, what does that say? Do game and film journalists wake up and get excited to find something to hate. Their career is based around games/film but the only takes I see coming out of them is that they hate films and games. Never seen people so adamant to hate the subject their careers are based around." -Kate Vs The World

Anti-GamerGate refers to individuals or groups that are against the GamerGate consumer revolt, The majority of them consists of Social Justice Warriors and members of the mainstream media.

The existence of the "Anti-GamerGate" as an organized movement has been always denied and mocked by people accused of belonging to it. However, the existence of Crash Override Network proves otherwise.

While some members of Anti-GG are willing to have a civil discussion and can get along with people from both sides, others show utter intolerance to the movement and will do anything (in the literal sense) in their power to paint the situation black and white and take down the movement once and for all.

Reasons for being Anti-Gamergate

  • Some see GamerGate as an opportunity to grow their influence and power, therefore they will find ways to get themselves involved and use GG as a stepping stone. Anita Sarkeesian and Brianna Wu are perfect examples.
  • Some are journalists who are unwilling to admit that they themselves and their publications are corrupt, and will therefore do anything to spread negative information whenever they can to discredit the movement. Also, as TotalBiscuit puts it: "the Mainstream Media is no friend to the game industry and has been relentless its negative depiction of it for decades".
  • Some are Social Justice Warriors who attempt to push their ideology into various forms of entertainment (video games included), and GamerGate is a giant obstacle in their path.
  • Some believe Social Justice Warriors are "progressives who dare bring up the fact that inequality exists, sexism and racism exist, rape exists". Therefore GamerGate, who view Social Justice Warriors as their greatest enemies, is "regressive".
  • Some simply despise gamers in general, stereotyping them as "basement dwellers that are obsessed with their hobby" when that stereotype (which was applied to the public of anything which was niche at its time such as the comic fans or YouTube (post-2013) on its early years' fans) is archaic.
  • Some consider the movement as a hate movement or a harassment movement[1] even when certain report proves otherwise.[2][3][4][5]
  • Some believe that GG is an "alt-right" movement pushed by straight white males whose goals are to prevent women and minorities from entering the gaming community, even when #NotYourShield proves otherwise.[6]
  • Some are simply misinformed due to biased sources which led to the above points.
  • Some are Extreme Right-Wingers who still think that video games cause violence and therefore decided not to defend gamers in the controversy, even though they may be hating liberals and progressivists more. The Daily Mail is an example.

Individuals Who Are Anti-GG

  • Adam Conover
  • Anita Sarkeesian
  • Jonathan McIntosh
  • Tyler Malka
  • Rian Johnson (Director of Brick, Looper and Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi)
  • Devin Faraci
  • Ben Kuchera
  • Randy Pitchford - Made a song about GG during PAX 2016
  • Matt Hickey (Currently sentenced to 3 years in state prison for rape)
  • Leigh Alexander
  • Zoë Quinn
  • Phil Fish
  • Brianna Wu
  • Dan Olson
  • David Gallant
  • Wesley "Laurelai" Bailey
  • Arthur Chu
  • Ian Mile Cheong (formerly)
  • Alison Rapp
  • Sam Biddle
  • Rod Breslau
  • Juan Thompson (An anti-GamerGate journalist who was caught making bomb threats towards eight Jewish communities)
  • Geordie Tait - Perhaps the craziest of them all.
  • Ernest W. Adams
  • Jim Sterling - He doesn't care much about GG as it's just a conspiracy theory to him.
  • Harris Brewis/H.Bomberguy- male feminist geek, & prominent member of Breadtube (see below)
  • Shaun-Another prominent Breadtuber
  • Randi Harper - The one behind the poorly designed GG AutoBlocker.
  • VICE
  • Ryulong - Abusive and corrupt former Wikipedia editor and the one behind most of GG's biased coverage
  • DarksydePhil - made one, poorly researched video that's as shoddy as the rest of his work present work. Even that is hypocritical, as he was horny in all EVA cutscenes in his MGS3 playthrough.
  • Sarah Nyberg (a.k.a Sarah Butts)
  • Christopher "m00t" Poole - Attempted to censor GG on 4chan and dox its supporters.
  • Nora Reed
  • Rob Fahey
  • Tim Schafer
  • Annaliese Nielsen (Hulugate)
  • Adam Sessler
  • Neil Druckmann
  • D.C. Douglas (Voice Actor)
  • Nicholas Marinelli (Director of DOOM remake)
  • Alex Leal
  • Moviebob
  • Christine Weston Chandler

Groups and Sites Who Are Anti-GG

Why Many of Them Suck

  1. A major issue with Anti-Gamergate is how they seldom police themselves, unlike Gamergate who has learned its lesson from incidents like the Quinnspiracy about how much damage trolls and unruly supporters could cause. Anti-GG often allowed individuals with long histories of troubling behavior (such as Sarah Nyberg who has a pedophilia issue) to metastasize, and some will continue to defend them 100% even after their wrongdoings have been revealed. Not only that, after the dark secrets of some of their vocal members are revealed, some anti-GG members will attempt to retaliate by doxxing or harassing the whistle blower, as if it's the whistle blower's fault that he/she decided to uncover dark pasts. A hallmark example is David Gallant, who was even mocked by anti-GG in general over the extents he goes into defending those he support.
    • On the other hand, some supports of GG like Samuel Collingwood Smith and Jonathan Warden were evicted from the movement after their troubling history and behavior were reviled.
  2. Other hallmarks trait of many anti-GG members and groups are their blatant double standards and hypocrisy (mainly due to the high level of SocJus presence). They are often caught endorsing or supporting the exact things they condemned GG of performing:
    • Ernest W. Adams once accused GG of evicting women from the gaming industry but made the following statement himself: "So yeah. We're gonna keep on yelling until the last big-boobed b**** is gone from gaming".
    • VICE advocates feminism and condemned GG for its "sexism", yet it was discovered that their working environment is literally a No Woman's Land.
    • Many sites that promotes diversity, such as Polygon and Rock Paper Shotgun, at times include not a single PoC employee. HuffPost once posted an image bragging about how "diverse" their work force is, even though the photo showed nothing but Caucasian and Asian females.
    • Many will call GG a hate movement, but the hateful statements they make will impress the vilest of Nazis.[7][8]
    • Brianna Wu, she often claims that GG and 8chan are harassing her while being a known harasser herself.
    • Anita Sarkeesian is often guilty of those; she often complains about women being sexualized (while men get the same treatment just as frequently) and indicates that violence against men doesn't matter.
  3. While some members of Anti-GG are simply rude and condescending (which is a normal attitude online), some like Geordie Tait will go as far as: "I hope everyone posting in #GamerGate gets gassed, incinerated, and their tooth fillings melted into a silver/gold WiiMotes for Kim Jong-un and his extended family".
  4. Many of them will try their best to censor GamerGate and make sure the movement gets no formal grounds and channels of expression.
  5. They will make up many excuses not to debate against GamerGate, the main reason is because nearly every Pro vs. Anti debate, Anti-GG is shown to be completely unable to defend its own talking points, also their primary method of attack was simply stating, again and again, that allowing discussion of GamerGate was enabling harassment and misogyny.
    • When the Society of Professional Journalists tried to invite several GamerGate opponents to attend their GG Airplay event for debate, they were met with systemically refusal from Anti-GG who sited the exact same excuse. So SPJ ended up heading Airplay wth 2 segments of Pro-GG voices only. The result? A lot of death threats sent to the attendants and a bomb threat that forced SPJ to suspend the event.[9]
  6. The media that took an Anti-GG side loves to push narratives and cover only their own side of the story. This, of course, worked very well for them: it was said that ABC's hit piece on Anita Sarkeesian and Brianna Wu became the 85th most disliked video on YouTube at one point, it was so bad that ABC was forced to censor thousands of negative comments just to save face.
  7. Many will on purposely create controversy by posting inflammatory speech to incite retorts or trolling and immediately afterwards scream "harassment" on social media to draw attention. Some will even go on and false flag themselves in order to make it look like they are harassed. Dan Olson had even gone so far as plant child porn on 8chan in order to frame the site.
  8. Many of them, being Social Justice Warriors, love to throw around accusations of political thoughts, sexism, misogyny, and racism with such frequency that the words begin to lose their meaning.
  9. Another trait Anti-GG eventually developed is to treat GamerGate like the Illuminati and tie every single tragedy, regardless of context, to the consumer revolt.
    • San Francisco Playhouse once made a play parodying the movement with the comment "Before trolls, bots and hacktivists, there was Gamergate".[10] So now GamerGate is the mother of trolls, inventor of AI and Cypher?
  10. Some members of Anti-GG actively support Internet censorship in order to build it into their own safe space and echo chamber.
  11. Many anti-GG outlets, such as Kotaku and The Guardian, uses a special form a clickbaiting called "gamedropping". It's essentially mentioning GamerGate in an article discussing a completely irrelevant subject, just to incite clicks and smear the movement a bit more. Probably why this 2014 online movement is still so relevant today. This is what Oxford Dictionary would have described as "post-truth", when objective truth matters far less than emotions.
  12. Some members of anti-GG even target completely irrelevant people during the controversy. For example, an online gaming store that's similar to Steam named "Gamersgate" (note the extra S) received "harsh words and threats" just because it shares a similar name with the movement.






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