Angst: Rhaz's Revenge

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Angst: Rhaz's Revenge
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What a Terrywad would look as a comercial title
Genre: First Person Shooter
Platforms: MS DOS
Release Date: 1996 (Europe) 1997 (USA)
Developer: ManMachine Games
Publisher: Tewi
Made in: Unknown, probably Germany
Next Game: Wrath: Rahz World

Angst: Rahz's Revenge its a First Person Shooter developed by ManMachine games (not to be confused with the developer of the newest Wolfenstein games) and published by Tewi, in 1996, exclusively for MS DOS.

While an extremely obscure title, the few people that had played it always talk about its atrocious quality.

It was originally conceived as a series of 4 games but the massive flop of the first meant the other 3 were cancelled, and in 1997 ManMachine games went out of business.

Why It Sucks

  1. The game looks outright repulsive, specially from the time this game came (after id Software's Quake):
    • The enemies look like they all came from different games, some are 3D-rendered (poorly by the way) while others are drawn (so poorly that their textures look corrupted).
    • The levels also look ugly, as if the textures hadnt been polish enought, with some weird brightness and disgusting colors that make the game look as it it was sahed out in muddy water. the textures also suffer from the same problem as the enemies, with some looking cartoony and others realistic with the added bonus of beign placed almost at random.
    • The guns also look like they dont belong in the game, some beign clearly drawn (almost as if they were taken from a comic) and others beign renderized, the ammo also looks weird, even more pathetic is that the basic pistol clearly uses the sprite of a shotgun but deminished in size.
    • The fog effect looks like the game its glitching out.
    • The final boss looks so terrible to the point of beign hard to distinguish what he is.
    • Overall the game resembles a Terrywad if it was made in another engine.
  2. The animations are also a disaster, the enemies had less frames than the sprites of Doom, the attack animation specially of the skeleton monster is pathetic, and there its literally one frame of animation when enemies are killed.
  3. The sound design is also amateurish at best with extremely repetitive sounds in general, the weapons sound extremely weak, and the enemies make this annoying noises, in fact one says "HEY" when he gets shoot, and the music, while not bad, doesnt really fit the game.
    • More sad is the fact that thedevelopers couldnt even program the music to loop, so they just pasted more music over to create one giant track as long as the level, and sometimes this glitches and causes the track to restart
  4. The design of the entire game is simply atrocious:
    • There is an enemy that literally cannot shoot straight, so he is completely unable to damage you at all.
    • The devs couldnt code different types of ammo, so all the ammo you get, goes to one giant pool of ammunition, no matter what you picked.
    • You can easily tank the entire game and it reallyhard to die, since you literally start with over 1000 hp, and you can easily get even more than that.
    • Picking up ammo for any weapon causes you to inmediately switch to weapon 1 aka the pistol
    • Some enemies take an absurd amount of fire to kill (over 10 seconds of continuous fire), despite beign really early in the game.
    • The submachine gun and the melee weapon are literally the best weapons in the game, all the rest burn way too much ammo and their power isnt any better than the weapons first mentioned.
    • You cannot switch to your melee weapon unless you have 0 ammo.
    • Selecting a different difficulty before beating the current stage, only changes your health to predetermined values, this means you can abuse this, to give you more life if you are low on it.
    • The level design has absolutely no pacing, with large spaces filled with nothing, and cramped spaces filled with enemies and items.
    • to add to the previous point the levels are huge, and have no direction at all.
    • enemies sometimes can attack you from places where it shouldnt be possible.
    • There are invisible holes in the stages (which its unknown if its an awful design decision or a glitch).
    • Some elevators only go up once and dont come back again, in less words, its possible to get stuck in the level.
    • Elevators are hidden in pits for some reason.
    • in the first level its possible to fall between two walls with no way out except reload a save file.
    • The levels have no exists, the only whay to go to a different level its by using the menu, going to the supposed point that ends the level, only shows you an animation and returns you to the game like nothing happened.
    • In the final level you must swim, but the characters swings slower than a snail, and the place you must reach its really far.
    • There is no real way to die, if you lose all your health, you get an animation, and then the option of give up, if you press no, you are inmediately revived with 500 health.
    • every time you press a switch you get 500 health back making the game even easier than it already was.
    • Its hard to tell if your shoots even conect, as everything has the same effect on the enemies.
  5. The game its just 6 levels long, and it can beaten in 30 minutes.
  6. The A.i can be really stupid, many times they try to shoot at walls, and attack infrequently.
  7. Sometimes the screen starts to violently shake for no reason.
  8. The controls are trash:
    • To jump you must press the crouch button first and then press the jump button.
    • Despite not allowing you to point upwards and downwards, the game doesn not have auto aim like in Doom 1 and 2, this means thay you cannot hit, anything that is in an elevated position.
    • Movement feels slow and heavy despite the type of game it is
  9. For no reason the game slowsdown and stutters at complete random.
  10. The Game often uses an animation where a snake its crushed by a boot, it pops out when you get to the end of the level, when you change the level you are in, there is another with that same snake attacking that is used when you run out of health and after you beat the final boss, this animation doesnt have to do with anything at all, and god knows why its here.
  11. there is no story or context at all during the game, despite the game having an story in the manual, the game never, tells you anything of whats going on, not even in the ending.
  12. The ending its abysmal, it just shows the same animation as when you lose all your health, says you did it and then advertises the next game in the series, and even after this, the game still resumes as if nothing happened, and you can still fight enemies, after that you must manually get out of the game.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. The music is not bad even if it doesnt fit the game.


Information on the game and its developer its really few and far between, however its said that ManMachine Games went bankrupt the same year of the USA release, so it can be assumed that the game sold extremely poorly and had close to no coverage from the press.

The few reviews that can be found on the internet come from much after the game released, and they have close to nothing good to say about the game.

Youtuber SeriousCacodemon, called the game, the "Chetahmen 2 of FPS games"

In the site called the Obscuritory said the worst part of the game, was that it was a lazy failure with little effort, and said "every second of this game its impossibly bad"


  1. The game uses the Acknex 3D engine, and in fact a version of this title its bundled with a game programing starter kit which had the goal to promote the engine.
  2. In the GZDoom forums there is an attempt of remaking the game, which already looks eons better than the original game, however as of the writting of article, its unknown if the project continued or was cancelled.



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