Angst: Rhaz's Revenge

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Angst: Rhaz's Revenge
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Would you look at that? A poor man's version of Doom.
Genre(s): FPS
Platform(s): MS-DOS
Release: DE: 1996
NA: 1997
Developer(s): ManMachine Games
Publisher(s): NA: The Learning Company
SoftKey Multimedia Inc.
DE: Tewi Verlag GmbH
Country: Germany
Successor: Wrath: Rahz World (cancelled)

Angst: Rahz's Revenge is a 3D FPS game developed by ManMachine Games, released in 1996 for MS-DOS.

Why It Sucks

  1. The graphics look outright repulsive:
    • The enemies look like they all came from different games, some are 3D-rendered (poorly by the way) while others are drawn so awfully that their textures look as if they were corrupted.
    • The levels look ugly, with some weird brightness and vomit-inducing color palette. The textures also suffer from the same problem as well.
    • The enemies design are outright inconsistent: some look cartoony and others look too realistic.
    • The guns clearly look awful as though they were taken from a comic strip. The ammo also looks weird as well.
    • The fog makes the game feel like it's glitching out.
    • The final boss looks insultingly hideous.
  2. The enemies' sprites have less frames than that of enemies from Doom.
  3. The sound design is crappy at best with extremely repetitive sounds in general.
    • The developers could not make the music loop while playing, so they just simply add more music to create one giant track. Laziness at its finest, ladies and gentlemen!
  4. There is an enemy that literally cannot shoot straight, so it cannot damage you.
  5. There are no distinction over which ammo is used by which gun. In fact, no matter which gun you're using, it always uses the ammo you have.
  6. Getting killed in the game is tough, because you start with 1000 HP of health.
    • There is no real way to die. If you lose all your health, you get to choose whether you give up or not. If you choose not to do so, you are immediately revived with 500 HP.
  7. If you try picking up ammo for any weapon, the current weapon switches to the pistol.
  8. Some enemies take an absurd amount of hit to kill.
  9. You cannot switch to your melee weapons unless you run out of ammo.
  10. Selecting a different difficulty before beating the current stage changes your health to predetermined values, which means you can abuse this.
  11. The level design has absolutely no pacing, with large spaces filled with nothing, and cramped spaces filled with enemies and items.
  12. Enemies sometimes can attack you from hard-to-reach places.
  13. There are invisible holes in the stages. Whether it's due to awful design or a glitch is truly unknown.
  14. Some elevators only go up once and do not come back again, so it's possible to get stuck in the level.
  15. Elevators are hidden in pits for some reason.
  16. In the first level it's possible to fall between two walls with no way out.
  17. The levels have no exits. The only way to jump to a different level is by using the menu that would teleport you to the end of the level. However, it only shows you an animation and returns you back to the game like nothing happened.
  18. In the final level you must swim, but the characters swings slower than a snail.
  19. The game consists of 6 levels, and all of them can be beaten in 30 minutes.
  20. The enemies' A.I. can be considered more artificial, less intelligent: Many times they try to shoot at walls, and attack infrequently.
  21. Sometimes the screen violently shakes for no reason.
  22. The controls are godawful:
    • To jump you must press the crouch button first and then press the jump button.
    • The game does not have auto aim like in Doom 1 and 2, this means that you cannot hit anything that is in an elevated position.
  23. At certain points, the game slows down, and the FPS may drop.
  24. There is no story or context at all during the game. The game never tells you what is happening.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. The music is not bad even if it does not fit the game.



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