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Angry Goy: The Ethnic Cleansing Video Game

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Angry Goy: The Ethnic Cleansing Video Game
As if Kill the F*ggot, N*gger Genocide and Resistance Records weren't bad enough.
Genre(s): Shoot 'Em Up
Beat 'Em Up
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows
Release: January, 2017
Developer(s): Wheel Maker Studios
Publisher(s): Wheel Maker Studios
Series: Angry Goy
Successor: Angry Goy II

Angry Goy: The Ethnic Cleansing Video Game (just Angry Goy for short, also referred to as Angry Goy: The Ethnic Cleansing Video Game Starring Natt Danelaw) is a Neo-Nazi themed side-scrolling indie game released in January 2017 as a freeware by a developer under the pseudonym of Wheel Maker Studios. It was the third spiritual successor for the Resistance Records original games, the first two being N*gger Genocide and ZOG's Nightmare 3. According to the developer, it was mainly inspired by Ethnic Cleansing and ZOG's Nightmare.

An unknown number of months and weeks after the release, the original download link was broken. It's unknown if the file was either removed by Mediafire's regulations or by the author himself. And the official website is pending identity verification. The game is now distributed through a torrent.


After watching on the news that African war refugees were allowed to live legally on the European Union, a Neo-Nazi forum user throws his TV through his apartment's window and decides that he already "had enough". The player controls him going postal all over against the Jewish, African American, gay and communist people on his town.

Why It Sucks

  1. The license agreement for installing the game is nothing but a short message from the developer claiming that the game is a joke and should not be taken so seriously, but this claim is extremely questionable. The ending is a video documentary which tries to convince the player of conspiracy theories about Israel and the Jewish people. The developer certainly included this "license agreement" just to avoid lawsuits.
    • Also, the soundtrack of the game was created by the Neo-Nazi electronic music producer of fashwave unironically called Cybernazi, which is a Neo-Nazi and neo-fascist offshoot of the non-racist Vaporwave music.
  2. The game may or may not be a malware in disguise. The developer divulged the game claiming that the installer must be run on the administrator mode to work properly, but later users from discovered that when this is done, the game makes various Internet connections with no apparent reason for this. The only safe way to play this game, considering it may be a malware, is through a virtual machine, but not every computer user knows how to do this.
    • On the other hand, people on the same forum defended that the reason to run it as an administrator is because the software isn't digitally signed, and thus do not need a publisher's certificate. Again, this may have been done to avoid lawsuits. In fact, no antivirus will detect it as a malware, but antiviruses are known to fail sometimes.
  3. There is no tutorial for how to use elevators or how the save system works. On the main menu, if the player accidentally clicks on "New Game" instead of "Continue Game", the game will erase all the player's progress without warning.
  4. All the melee weapons are completely useless because the enemies will inflict damage on you before you can kill them, and to recover health, you must spend your precious in-game money. This applies even for the mace, the strongest melee weapon.
  5. All you do the entire game is hold the space button until an enemy dies and reload the gun. To put salt on the wound, there is little you can do to dodge the enemy fire.
    • To be fair, the game has some other gameplay mechanics such achievements, sparing ammo and multiple weapons, but it still not so much beyond a rip-off from old school side-scrolling shooters.
  6. Speaking about the achievements, the game will give you a shameful achievement if you die five times, but it is almost impossible to finish the game without dying five times because two segments of the game (two times in which the protagonist is surrounded by the police) are very difficult and frustrating.
  7. This game is disturbing just like ZOG's Nightmare 2.
    • The protagonist is not really a fictional character. He is a forum user who goes by the name "Natt Danelaw", and the sprites for the protagonist in fact resemble his profile picture. Thus, all the atrocities on the game are meant to represent a real world person committing them.
    • The game also tries to make the protagonist look like a hero: he rescues a white little girl from danger at some point of the game... and then KILLS HER FATHER in front of her and her white mother, because he called the police about protagonist and also was a communist. Then he tries to console the girl by telling her things like her father was a "f*ggot" and a "cuck", but gives up and just gives her a candy.
    • All the enemies die with a head explosion and an unrealistic amount of bloodshed. They are Black Muslim refugees, communists/leftists, LGBT drug-addicts, and even Caucasian police officers who are trying to stop the protagonist.
    • On one cutscene, Natt Danelaw kills a Jewish man by throwing him alive inside an oven.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Unlike the other Neo-Nazi games enlisted on this wiki, this game don't suffer from major gameplay flaws. The gameplay is just repetitive, and can be fun, if one ignore the themes.
  2. Awesome pixelated graphics, with much attention to details. The game feels like a good Steam retro game, despite the offensive themes.
  3. Good and catchy music.
  4. The game criticizes the prohibition of firearms in a good way. In a segment of the game, Natt will pass by a "pacifist" university which has a disarmament campaign going on. Ironically, the lack of firearms or armed security made the students and teachers defenseless towards the protagonist.


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