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Angry Birds Go! (2.0 era)

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Angry Birds Go!
Screenshot 20210713-195516 Chrome.jpg
"A game that went from being a perfect well made Mario Kart clone with birds to a dumbed down Pay-to-Win Game that has glitches, the pigs changed it, now it's hard, birds! [oinks]" - Leonard
Genre(s): Racing game
Platform(s): Android
Release: June 30, 2016 (the 2.0 update)[1]
Developer(s): Rovio Entertainment Corporation
Country: Finland
Series: Angry Birds

Angry Birds Go! is a racing game based on the Angry Birds franchise developed by Rovio. It was released in 2013. Since the 2.0 version was added, the game declined in quality.

Why It's Way Too Pay-To-Win

  1. There was no need to change the functions. Come on, everyone missed the treehouse, the karts' stages, and more!
  2. Blueprints. You need thousands of them to unlock a new kart. Seriously, blueprints are meant to be a guide, not construction materials!
  3. Constant change of stage types, which can get tedious.
  4. It's very, very hard. The 1.0 era does not even come close to being that difficult. Also, it makes the expensive kart deals very merciful, as you have to pay if you want to progress into the game further!
  5. Bland atmosphere when not racing. Many fans actually hated the new functions.
  6. The energy system was replaced as well! In the 1.0 era, you had five energy balls per character.
  7. The karts either feel too slow (the air karts) or too fast (the Trash Thrasher is extremely fast and uncontrollable).
  8. You don't even get to see the four stages of each starter kart getting upgraded!
  9. The upgrading system is also tedious, as you have to use parts again and again.
  10. In this era, Rocky Road was level 2 and Air was level 3, but in the 2.0 era, they switched places. This can be confusing for older players.
  11. For some reason, the racers your racing against with don't use their abilities anymore for no reason.
  12. There is a glitch where sometimes when you finish a race, the score screen does not pop up.
  13. There is another glitch in multi-player where for some reason, your opponent either gets stuck at the beginning or goes very fast with loud buzzing noises interrupting the race.
  14. There is also another glitch that oftenly the music and sounds will stop.
  15. The plot was completely removed from the game without any reason at all, which made the game have the characters race for no reason.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. It used to be good back in 2013 before things went downhill in 2016.
  2. You still get to play as the same characters as before.
  3. The gameplay also remained unchanged.
  4. At least the graphics improved.
  5. The versions before 2.6.3 were a bit easier.
  6. At least you can beat the bosses only 1 time instead of 3.
  7. There is a much better version of the game, which serves as a good non-official sequel to the game.
  8. Due to Hatch getting shut down at least you can download the old APK still play the old version. However it only works on Android.


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