Angry Birds Evolution

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Angry Birds Evolution is a 3D-RPG pinball playing game made by Rovio and Chimera Entertainment made in 2017. Since of then, the features are removed from the game.


Why It Sucks

  1. They changed the protagonist THAT does not appear in the Angry Birds main series.
  2. When you're playing Eagle Mountain if you press on a wrong door, the Thief Pig's laughing is extremely annoying and irritating and the ratio of mess up to gems increase easily and the Thief Pig is a blatant rip-off of the Duck Hunt Dog because they are infamous for their annoying laugh and players love to hate the character and the only way to stop them is by making them stop annoying you
  3. The Hatchery can sometimes give you a terrible experience with the biggest laughable offender of getting a three star bird and it is horrendously a two in three instead of one in two which can be irritating for players.
  4. Some events are very hard to complete or get rewards or birds.
  5. They removed old features such as the ticket's artwork, chances of a ticket in boss battles and the 360 view of Bird Town.
  6. They have a similar gameplay of Angry Birds 2 due to paying for restarts if you have low gems, which can be an insulting microtransaction.
  7. There is a large amount of pop-culture references depending on the costume and the costumes are copyrighted and the owners of the clothing can lead to suing Rovio.
  8. There are a hefty amount of unfair playable characters including the notoriously the Star Quarter back and Chuck because:
    • Star Quarterback because of his wide range supershot
    • Chuck because he pulls and his cooldown is 1
  9. The victory sounds of the birds in the hatchery or battle are recycled a lot with the same sound over and over again with the exception of pig heroes and Iron Maiden Mascot Eddie the Head (Bird) in the game.
  10. The only way to get NPC playable birds in events is reaching top 10 of the leaderboard.