Angry Birds Evolution

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Angry Birds Evolution
Angry Birds Evolution more like Angry Birds Evil-oution How does that sound, Rovio?
Genre: Puzzle
Platforms: iOS
Release Date: June 15, 2017
Developer: Rovio
Chimera Entertainment
Publisher: Steve Haßenpflug

Angry Birds Evolution is a 3D RPG-pinball game made by Rovio and Chimera Entertainment made in 2017.

Why It Sucks

  1. The protagonist does not appear in the main Angry Birds series.
    • Recently, they added them back but those were weaker versions
  2. When you're playing Eagle Mountain, if you open the wrong door, the Thief Pig's laughter is annoying and irritating, and the ratio of mistakes to gems increases easily. The Thief Pig's behavior resembles the Duck Hunt's dog’s one because both of them laugh and mock you when you are losing.
    • Not to mention, the Thief Pig is ear-piercing to hear from him even when you get a reward. He also forces you to pay a lot of gems, just like the gems of Angry Birds 2 with the Fortune room. He also makes you pay up to 3200 gems!
  3. The Hatchery can sometimes give you a terrible experience, with the worst offender of getting a three-star bird, and it is horrendously a two in three instead of one in two, which can be irritating for players. Even Empires and Puzzles’ 5-star chance is better than this game.
  4. Some events are very hard to complete for rewards or birds.
  5. Some old features were removed, such as the ticket's artwork, chances of getting a ticket in boss battles, and the 360 views of Bird Town.
  6. Just like Angry Birds 2, you have to pay for restarts if you have a low amount of gems, which simply makes players less motivated to play.
  7. There are a hefty amount of unfair playable characters that make you lose easily in the PvP mode, including the notoriously Chuck because:
    • He is an extremely flawed character in this game because he takes the entire fun out of the PVP battles by pulling the pigs just to make you lose.
    • Every bird that is wide arranged, pull or instantly powerful is not banned from the arena, though this applies to all players.
  8. The victory sounds of the birds in the hatchery or battle are recycled a lot with the same sound over and over again, with the exception of pig heroes and Iron Maiden Mascot Eddie the Head (Bird) in the game.
  9. The only way to get NPC playable birds in events is by reaching the top 10 of the leaderboard.
  10. Similar to Dragon City, there are far many things that:
    • Refrence movie characters, singers, cartoon characters, and others.
    • Have laughably bad names like Angry Santa, Owlpheus, Xenoflocker and others.
    • Have time limited characters that far outweighs the number of characters able to get at normal times.
  11. The 3-star birds are flawed characters. They take the entire fun out of the game because they keep appearing in the premium egg over and over again in the hatchery.
    • To make things worse, Rovio is obsessed with the chances of a 3-star bird because it makes the game even more tedious.
  12. The game is nothing but a cash-in.
  13. Terrible gameplay with the same repetitive episode and no ending whatsoever.
  14. The boss battle rewards for a premium chest used to be a ticket. Nowadays the rewards are very bad by giving you a weak chest over and over again.
  15. Speaking of which, it is just a con-artist game for some players, who can't hatch event birds in the hatchery.
  16. The SWAT Sergeant is a motormouth who can't shut up and he says the repetitive lines over and over again, such as "Bacon Wins", "We are Bacon", and "Surrender or Suffer".
  17. Clunky controls in battle.
  18. The game has the generic "save the eggs from the evil pigs" story.
  19. Unfair enemy attacks, like the S.I. Agent who instantly reduces the pigs' cooldown to zero, and even higher than zero.
  20. False Advertising: The enemies have a player health bar, but it never appears in the game, and in the ad videos, it shows Bomb leveling up to three evolutions, but that doesn't happen at all.
  21. Stereotypical characters, like Kim Fli Hy, who's based on North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.
    • Also, this can offend people of their culture because of this.
  22. Almost all of the birds are mainly non-canon to the main Angry Birds series.
  23. Cringeworthy music, especially Li'l Pecker's "It's A Trap" (filled with gibberish and awful lyrics) and Dedsw1n3's "Come See My Laptop Live" (filled with the same words of the said title without other words added to the lyrics of this song).
  24. Also, the event is nothing but "go up to level 84 and get the master bird".
  25. A lot of characters are reskins of each other.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. To be fair, this game is easier than Angry Birds Epic, which is better for newer players.
  2. If you know what you are doing, you can finish the story mode in less time then other mobile games, much less than Jurassic World The Game
  3. This game does not rely on Red, Chuck, and Bomb solely as the main protagonists; instead, you can literally play as a crapload of birds.
  4. Passable level designs.
  5. Even pigs are playable in the game as event birds!
  6. Overall, this game is not that bad at all. The only thing the game is bad is the Hatchery, the worst offender in this game.
  7. Lady Bacon's "Lazerbaijan" is the only passable music in this game.
  8. Even though the birds are unfair in PvP, they are highly useful in this game’s story and events of the game.
  9. You can get 6 star birds in the hatcheries.
  10. This game is an improvement over Angry Birds Action! due to the gameplay actually being fun.
  11. Yo can get a chance to prepare the next event


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