Operation: Alpha Zylon

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Operation: Alpha Zylon
Genre(s): Action
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows
Release: EU: December 19, 2007
WW: July 15, 2014
Developer(s): Team6 Game Studios
Publisher(s): EU: Team6 Game Studios
WW: Strategy First
Country: Netherlands

Operation: Alpha Zylon (known as Alpha Zylon digitally) is an action video game developed and published by Team6 Game Studios in 2007 for Microsoft Windows only in Europe. Strategy First published the game internationally in 2014 via Steam.

Why It Sucks

  1. Awful controls. The arrow keys are required to move and the numpad is used for everything else. The controls can be changed though.
  2. It's unclear whether this game wants to be a run-and-gun, a side-scrolling platformer or a first-person shooter. The first two levels follow a platforming structure, the third level is a run and gun and between missions there are some FPS phases.
  3. Weird difficulty curve. In the first level our enemies will start shooting only if they are very close to us and, during a segment when you are chased by a vehicle, the latter will slow down when it gets too close. The second level has earth traps which are nearly invisible and instantly kill you at the beginning and, later in the same level, there are logs that sometimes kill you, sometimes not. In the third level the enemies shoot only if they're far enough from you, but, during some platforming sections, there are invisible bottomless pits that can easily kill you, especially considering the game's awful jumping system.
  4. FPS stages are also affected by this inconsistency in difficulty: in the first one, our enemies won't come near their targets, instead will rush at the market stalls, but some of them are nearly impossible to kill due to the fact that they are resistant to headshots; in the second we'll be almost invulnerable due to the fact that we will stay in a machine gun emplacement and in the third we can win by simply spamming grenades at the closest entrances and shoot at the others.
  5. Odd backgrounds. For instance, at the end of level 1 we'll find ourselves in a market whose goods range from fruit and vegetables to assault rifles and rocket launchers and the gunfire in level 3 looks like it was made with orange paper.
  6. Bad graphics.
  7. Terrible animations, the most offender being the crouching and jumping animations. If you repeatedly press the crouch button before the animation is complete, your character will space out and go up and down indefinitely until you stop, while when you jump your character looks like he's tied to the ground by an invisible chain whom he's trying to free himself of.
  8. Most glitches from Pizza Dude return in this game, such as the chance to jump indefinitely in the sky.
  9. The enemies in the third level shoot only if they're far enough from you, but if you get too close to them the will instantly stop shooting and do nothing. On the other hand, the enemies in level 1 shoot you only if they're very close to you. In that same level, you can find gunmen in machine gun emplacements that don't deal any damage, and the civilians that you're supposed to not shoot at don't die even if you fire your weapon against them.
  10. Unlike most other games, the jumping is not programmed to make you lift in the air and then choose a direction; instead, you have to choose the direction before jumping, otherwise you will lose your timing and fall to your death. This can be noticed easily during level 3.
  11. At the beginning of level 1, you'll find an enemy with a turret that shoots only in front of him, even if you're above him.
  12. The developers forgot to add a mission select screen, which means that when you boot up the game, you get only a black screen where you have to randomly click around, hoping to pick the right option.
  13. Really bad visuals. Near the end of the first level you can find symbols on doors, however their quality is so low that's almost impossible to see them, let alone recognize what actually are. In the second level the bushes were supposed to hide in don't actually cover us, though the enemies will behave like we don't exist. At the end of the third level, you need to play a pointless minigame where you need to smash a mafia boss' car. To do so, you hit the car always in the same spot, though, in the end, it will blow up.


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