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The only thing you're gonna remember about the channel is the new intro. What happened to you, Ali-A? (Intro plays)

Ali-A (Real name: Alastair Aiken) is a British Call of Duty and now Fortnite YouTuber who has over 14 million subscribers.

Why He Sucks Now

  1. He clickbaits to the point that it gives other clickbaiters a run for their money, with extremely misleading titles, thumbnails and very long videos (most of them being at least 20 minutes long). Examples:
    • One is a video showcasing all of his skins (worth $1.500 as he says), but he wastes the viewer’s time, by showcasing EVERYTHING HE HAS! From his gliders, to emotes, EVERYTHING!
    • His "Superhero Challenge" videos always have a thumbnail that makes it look like Fortnite has an unlockable skin of a superhero, such as Superman, when in reality, it is just him playing as if he was said superhero.
    • His video titles sometimes contain the stereotypical "THIS caused X to Y" titles seen in all forms of clickbait.
  2. His videos are all about Fortnite with almost no variety.
    • Since March 2018, less than 10 out of over 200 videos that he has posted have not been about Fortnite.
  3. Eight Thoughts exposed Ali-A that he “fakes” himself playing video games.
  4. Regarding number 3, even a contributor named Paul Tassi to the news website, Forbe, exposed him for using the tricks that he uses to get you to click on them!
  5. He's way too cheesy.
  6. He usually steals content from other YouTubers.
  7. His clickbait thumbnails are frequently just "copy and paste", primarily his "expression".
  8. He crams a lot of ads into his videos.
  9. Nowdays, his fanbase is full of kids. What's even weirder is that he plays shooter games, which aren't kid-friendly, except for Fortnite (though that's because kids, for some reason, are addicted to shooters).
  10. He sometimes runs "giveaways", but there is no record of anyone ever winning anything from him.
  11. He frequently states the obvious when he is playing, which quickly becomes annoying.
  12. The worst part is that the channel is sponsored and owned by EPIC GAMES THEMSELVES! If everyone hears that, think of the whole Fortnite fanbase moving on to PUBG, which in comparison with Bluehole Games, doesn't promote clickbaiters. Epic, however did it!
  13. Everything he says can fall into cringe-worthiness. He mostly says “Oh my god guys!“, “Look guys, I killed someone, woah!” and “I got a SCAR-L man, let’s go!” in the weirdest way possible.
  14. The videos are broken up into two sections; one small section talking about the main topic, the rest being nothing but Fortnite gameplay.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Back then, he was very humble and down-to-earth. He used to upload Call of Duty trailers, news, and regular gameplay without being too greedy.
  2. His old intro is a lot better than the new one, which the latter became a meme. 
  3. Even though he plays Call of Duty (which does have swearing), he doesn't swear in his videos, truly keeping the PG content.
  4. Some of his Fortnite videos aren’t really that bad (despite the bad thumbnails). One example is a video about some changes to Fortnite, the announcement of Playgrounds V2 and it's first anniversary, while the gameplay is shortened, which can seem as an improvement for his videos, as his older Fortnite videos had longer gameplay.
  5. If you ignore the Fortnite videos and go back to 2006 (the year that the channel was created), you will find CoD videos that are really good (he used to be a really good player on CoD:Modern Warfare 3’s Survival).
  6. He recently made a video warning about the Free Virtual Bucks (V-Bucks) Generator Scam and he did three things right:
    • He made it to prevent children from falling into this online scam.
    • He showed the legal way to get free V-Bucks (which is Save The World).
    • He also confessed that the V-Bucks are ridiculously expensive to get the cosmetic items.




My name is Valentine you bit-

2 months ago
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I used to watch him when I was 14, I didn't realize he clickbaits back then lol


one month ago
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I remember when Ali a was a meme like 2 years ago lol


6 days ago
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I watched when he did minecraft content in like 2013. Still clickbaity as fuck tho.

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