Aladdin Deck Enhancer

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Aladdin Deck Enhancer
"'Upgrade your Nintendo Entertainment System'? More like upper-decking it! And that's not a joke. I mean it. It is the electronic equivalent of an upper-decker." - Angry Video Game Nerd
Developer: Codemasters
Release Date: November 1992

The Aladdin Deck Enhancer is an accessory designed for the Nintendo Entertainment System, designed to play proprietary unlicensed games. It was developed by Codemasters and produced by Camerica, the same people behind the popular Game Genie.

Why It Flopped

  1. False Advertisement: The box claims that the Aladdin improves the performance and graphics of the NES when in reality it doesn't do anything other than play unlicensed games without any improvements.
  2. The only reason the system existed was so third party unlicensed games could be produced without having to spend more on chips to produce illegal cartridges.
  3. Its faulty design prevented it from working on almost any NES variant released. It can even fry the Top Loader model meaning it is not compatible.
  4. Only 7 games were released for it, and most of them were already-existing NES games without any real differences.
  5. Due to the companies involved in its production going out of business shortly before the Aladdin was released, it and most of the games produced for it are in very short supply.




Grammer Guy

7 months ago
Score 4
RIP all top loaders fried in the use of this piece of absolute trash.


5 months ago
Score 3
Never use your top loader NES to play this. It can kill your NES if you do.


one month ago
Score 2
It's all thanks to the faulty design, it could kill your Top-Loader

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