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Agent Hugo

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Agent Hugo
James Bond - Netflix Adaptation
Protagonist(s): Agent Hugo
Genre(s): Action
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows
PlayStation 2
Release: EU: October 2005
SE: November 1, 2005
DE/RU: November 17, 2005
Engine: RenderWare
Developer(s): ITE Media
Publisher(s): EU: ITE Media
RU: Noviy Disk
Country: Denmark
Series: Agent Hugo
Successor: Agent Hugo: RoboRumble

Agent Hugo is an action game released in 2005 only in Europe for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2, and Mobile. It was developed and published by Interactive Television Entertainment Media (ITE Media).

The Nintendo GameCube version was scheduled for release, however, it was cancelled.

Hugo is an interactive TV show character from the 1990s who had popularity in Denmark, France, and Turkey and appeared in many miscellaneous merchandises.

Why It Sucks

  1. Many unfunny rip-offs of James Bond characters and organisations (e.g. M.I.5. = R.I.S.K, SPECTRE = SUSPECTRA, Q = W, Miss Moneypenny = Miss Honeybunny, Oddjob = Oddjaw, Dr No = Dr Nogo).
  2. Dull-and-repetitive boat missions.
  3. The game's story does nothing but bear the elements from James Bond and worsen it.
  4. Terrible voice acting, in particular from Miss Honeybunny and the German accents from the villainous henchmen.
  5. No autosave feature. Instead, you have to drive to a gas station to save your game.
  6. Bad lip-syncing animations.
  7. The main character is very annoying, with him saying unfunny lines such as "The name's Agent Hugo, and this boat is Grease Lightning!" and his voice is completely monotone.
  8. Whilst playing the stealth mission, "blastballs" don't always hit the guards despite you controlling them right next to them.
  9. "Blastballs" have an incredibly short effect of knocking out the guards.
  10. Every time you fail a mission, an unnecessary cutscene occurs where Agent Hugo appears to tell you to try again.
  11. Racist disguise in the first stealth mission, as Hugo's skin, turns a darker colour whilst disguised as a 1970s era disco dancer.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The graphics are perfectly decent and are fairly smooth.
  2. Unlike most other crappy games, the controls are good.
  3. The front cover of the game box looks pretty decent.


This game has a score of 1.48 on GameFAQs.[1]

It was also reviewed on and was given of score of 8 out of 20, noting that the missions were long and laborious to play.



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