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Active Enterprises

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Active Enterprises
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Good thing that they are not active anymore...
Founded: 1989
Founder(s): Vince Perri
Raul Gomila
Headquarters: Nassau, Bahamas

Active Enterprises Ltd. was an American video game developer and publisher founded by Vince Perri and Raul Gomila in 1989. Although the company was founded in Miami, Florida in the United States, their headquarters were in Nassau, Bahamas. They left the video game industry in late 1994. Despite that, it is unknown yet if Active Enterprises was shut down or not.

They were best known for compiling 52 games on a single NES and Sega Genesis game titled Action 52.

List of video games

Cancelled games

Why They and Their Games Were Anything But Active

  1. Their games' graphics are extremely poor and they look like someone would actually draw them in Microsoft Paint. They look like they come from the Atari 2600 or Atari 5200 game, rather than the NES. The Genesis version of Action 52 looked no better.
  2. A lot of weapons in Action 52, mainly the NES version, are stupid. For example, in the game Lollipops, your weapon is a lollipop, rather than a sword or something else. This is weird, especially to the player who played many games where your weapon is a sword.
  3. The NES version of their infamous game has many space shooters, proving they are too lazy to make new or original games for Action 52, but to remake a space shooter. The changes in those space shooters were just backgrounds, music, enemies, the shooting character, and some other stuff.
  4. Instead of actually finishing the NES version of Action 52, Vince Perri decided to rush it in 3 months of development. Despite the evidence that the game would not end well becoming more obvious over time, Perri never delayed its release date since then, leading the game into an utter mess.
  5. They decided to sell the NES version of Action 52 for $199, which doesn't offer quality at this price. This is also how it costs for a video game console, rather than an actual video game, meaning Action 52 was overpriced, especially since it costed way too much money.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. At least, Perri's idea of making a legal multicart which came from buying an illegal multicart for his son was great. Sadly, it was executed extremely poorly due to the bad practices he has done to his own company.


  • Active Enterprises was working on a handheld console, named the "Action GameMaster". According to Active, it would have featured compatibility with the games for the NES, Genesis and SNES, as well as CD-ROM games, via adapters that would retail individually. It was also going to have a video game titled Cheetahmen III, which would have been a sequel to Cheetahmen II, in addition to a SNES version of Action 52 and another multicart, Sports 5. However, none of them were ever made.



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