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Absolute Entertainment was a video game company that was founded by Garry Kitchen in 1986. It was the parent company of Imagineering Inc. The company went defunct in 1995.

List of games developed/published

Why Their Games Sucked

  1. Poor use of their licenses, just like TDK Mediactive. Some of them didn't even make sense, such as their SNES Home Improvement adaptation.
  2. The graphics they used in most of their games were terrible.
  3. Their games had stiff controls. Sometimes there were input delays in their games.
  4. Lackluster gameplay in a lot of their games.
  5. Their games had awful sound effects. For instance, it didn't fit the tone of the game it was featured in.
  6. Bad music on their NES games (the music in their SNES games was better, but still not that great)

Redeeming Qualities

  1. They did produce a couple of good games early on, including A Boy and his Blob, before they started focusing on licensed games.
  2. Mark Van Hecke, who also composed songs for Imagineering, also did a good job with some of the soundtracks he composed.




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Absolute SUCC entertainment


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Absolute-ly copied Sierra's logo

(yes, it's a JonTron reference, kill me)

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