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"It's all my fault! Fuck this game!" -AVGN

Important note: This game is actually good, and was only inducted on this wiki as a joke. This was also the 1001st page on Crappy Games Wiki!

Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures (often simplified to AVGN Adventures) is an indie game developed by FreakZone Games and published by ScrewAttack Games on Steam, and later on the Wii U and Nintendo 3DSAGW.

The game is intentional satire over how brutally difficult, and often for the wrong reasons, old school games are.


The Nerd and his friends are playing a mediocre game when a powerful force sucks the Nerd's friends inside the game. An arm grabs the Nerd by the testicles (a homage to Action 52) and forces the Nerd to play the shitty game in order to save his friends and escape.

Bad Qualities

  1. Excessively punishing level design that kills you constantly with cheap obstacles like death blocks, killer rainbows, ect.
    • Death blocks are overused.
  2. The game has a level based on the notorious Atari Porn games, which can disturb some players, especially kids. In fact, during the Nerd's review, when he found out about the level, he warned his younger fans not to play the level.
  3. There's sharks in the lava, which makes no sense.
  4. The Halloween level is difficult due to the very fast enemies, collapsing platforms, and that it's in tunnel vision.
  5. Some of the rockets that appear in the game look too phallic.
  6. Some death blocks appear out of nowhere on the LJN (Laughin' Jokin' Numbnuts) stage, just to make things more difficult.
  7. His nemesis (who is the final boss of the game), Fred Fuchs (spelled "Fred Fucks" in the game) is frustratingly difficult to defeat.

Good Qualities

  1. The soundtrack is awesome and sounds epic.
  2. While the game the Nerd and his friends are sucked into is described as a mediocre game, the game plays very well.
  3. Every time you die, a vulgar paragraph is shown that sounds exactly like something the Nerd would say.


The developers wanted to make this game to honor the Angry Video Game Nerd, but really, due to its difficulty, it disappointed him more than honoring him, to the point of even disliking it and deleting it at the end of his review, saying "Take that, game!".

When SomeCallMeJohnny reviewed the game, he praised the massive amount of AVGN callbacks and said that fans of ultra-hard old school games are likely to enjoy it, but he also noted that the game went a tad too far with the intentionally bad game design for the sake of satire.

Johnny said that the game's enjoyment depends on if you're willing to play along with the satire, otherwise this is just a frustrating and unforgiving game. He also said that the best part of the game, is the simple fact that it exists in the first place because it shows how much James Rolfe has accomplished as the AVGN.

A remaster of both this game and it's sequel named “AVGN I & II Deluxe” was announced.


  • Fred Fuchs is actually not a game developer. He is a producer that worked on Francis Ford Coppola's Bram Stoker's Dracula. His name appeared in one of the licensed games and one of the Nerd's best gags was born.
    • Fred "Fucks" eventually made an appearance in the AVGN episode "Life of Black Tiger", portrayed by Gilbert Gottfried.