AND1 Streetball

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AND1 Streetball is a streetball video game developed by Black Ops Entertainment and published by Ubisoft, sponsored by the AND1 footwear company. It was released for PlayStation 2 and Xbox on June 6, 2006 to coincide with the AND1 Mixtape Tour. Although it's not the first game to feature AND1 players, "AND 1 Streetball is officially licensed by the company, and includes the 2005 AND 1 roster as well as Duke Tango, AND 1's MC for its annual Mix Tape Tours." It is Black Ops' final console game.

Why It Sucks

  1. Unresponsive controls.
  2. Poor AI.
  3. Matches often boil down to simply building up points and then finishing with a dunk or layup.
  4. Poor collision detection.
  5. Story mode quickly becomes repetitive.
  6. Winning isn't enough to progress in the story mode; you also have to accomplish a side goal in most cases, and if you fail to do so you have to restart the match.
  7. Bad visuals.
  8. Generic hip-hop music.
  9. Repetitive commentary.