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7554: Glorious Memories Revived
"Let's make a Call of Duty rip-off set during the Franco-Vietnamese War", Emobi Games said. "It'd be fun", they said.
Genre: First-Person Shooter
Platforms: Microsoft Windows
Release Date: December 16, 2011
Game Engine: Havok Vision Game Engine
PhysX (physics)
Developer: Emobi Games
Publisher: Emobi Games
Made in: Vietnam

7554 (also known as 7554: Glorious Memories Revived) is a first-person shooter video game developed and published by Vietnamese studio Emobi Games (now doing business as Hiker Games) for Microsoft Windows on December 16, 2011. It is set during the First Indochina War from December 19, 1946 to August 1, 1954. The title is a reference to 7 May 1954 (7/5/54), which is when the Việt Minh successfully defeated the French at the Battle of Dien Bien Phu.

Why It Sucks

  1. The game is literally one massive rip-off of Call of Duty, even going so far as to have its own Survival Mode, pitting you against an increasing horde of enemies that also include zombies.
  2. Very muddy graphics for an FPS game, which is unacceptable in 2011.
  3. The characters that you control run painfully slow, but for some reason, the NPCs can run very fast. As a result, "Follow Person X" can sometimes be a little annoying.
  4. The HUD is ridiculously small. As a result, it is hard to see how many bullets you have in your gun's magazine and how much ammo you have left in your inventory.
  5. Versions released outside of Vietnam weren't dubbed, instead featuring subtitles. While this is not that much of a problem, many of them suffer from grammatical errors, and they also appear and disappear very quickly, making it hard to read them.
  6. The AI in the game is extremely broken, with the friendly NPCs standing in direct gunfire and deliberately pushing you away to get better views of the enemies and the enemies will almost always become very visible gun fodder due to their erratic running patterns.
  7. Many animations are very choppy, especially the facial animations, with some of the characters' faces getting very stretched out when talking at times.
  8. Terrible sound effects for the guns
  9. The game can get repetitive very quickly as all you'll be doing is "Defend Building/Objective Whisky/Tango/Foxtrot", "Follow Person Alpha" and "Eliminate X enemies".
  10. There are a lot of invisible walls that you'd end up running into very often due to the game's chaotic gameplay.
  11. Some of the later-stage guns can be picked up in early stages, but you can't use them until the very same guns are unlocked for use in the later stages.
  12. The story is very baffling as it frequently switches between the four main characters. As a result, you may be shooting down enemies using your Arisaka rifle as Hà in one second and in the next, you're manning a minigun turret as Vinh.
  13. Unfair difficulty: Enemies are incredibly accurate and can kill you pretty quickly, which, in combination with "waving-arms-around-when-hit" mechanic, makes most of the fights annoying and tedious. Not helping with this is the fact that most of the time you will be using rifles, all of which (even sniper rifles) kill enemies only with 2 shots in the body while fighting with big and sometimes even large groups of enemies. This will also result in most of the enemies in various situations being killed by your allies since they are also surprisingly too accurate and some of them can deal even more damage to enemies than the player and other allies.
  14. For some strange reason, there is a really high amount of black soldier among the French army in the game, which wouldn't have been a problem had their numbers not been so ridiculous (historical note; most of black soldiers in the French army were mostly deployed in French African colonies at that time). In some cases, they even outnumber the amount of white French soldiers, making it look really odd and historical inaccurate.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The game at least did try its best to teach people about the First Indochina War, one of the most overlooked wars in video game history.
  2. Despite the muddy graphics, some of the locations like the Metropole Hanoi and the jungles look good and are faithfully recreated to its war conditions.
  3. While dumb, your allies can actually be helpful due to actually hitting and killing enemies, unlike in the majority of Call Of Duty games.


7554 received mostly negative reviews from critics and the audience on Metacritic.

GameSpot gave the game a 3.5/10, criticizing the game's really bad AI, story, pacing and sound effects and how it's lacking all of the common features in modern FPS games.

Despite the warm reception in Vietnam itself, it received mixed and negative reviews from critics and players from other countries. It is believed to be the reason why the company is now doing nothing but developing kid-friendly mobile games.



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