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1-2-Switch Official Boxart.jpg
Set your Joy-Con down on its side!
Genre: Party
Platforms: Nintendo Switch
Release Date: March 3, 2017
Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo

1-2 Switch is a party game released as a launch title for the Nintendo Switch, meant to experiment with the Joy-Con controllers.

Bad Qualities

  1. Low-quality minigames. There are also only 28 (29 if you count Team Battle) mini-games.
  2. It costs a full $50 and isn't bundled with the Switch.
    • Even when it's bundled with the Switch, it's only for a selected few units. Shouldn't it be for all units?
  3. It feels more like a tech demo due to its low replayability.
  4. Almost no content.
  5. No single-player content whatsoever. You have to use both Joy-Cons if you want to play the game, and due to the ergonomics, it's nearly impossible for a single person to play this game.
  6. Some minigames, such as Tennis for example, is outright broken. You have to rely on unreliable vibration for the only quick-time event, the swing.

Good Qualities

  1. Some of the minigames have a sense of challenge built into them, encouraging opponents to score more points against one another.
  2. There are some diamonds in the rough, such as Sword Fight and Baseball.
  3. It at least does a good job demonstrating the Joy-Con's abilities.
  4. Seeing someone playing the game (like the Joes of The Angry Joe Show) can be hilarious.


Despite mixed reviews from critics, 1-2 Switch was poorly received upon launch, with many describing it as "a tech demo that should've been bundled with the console" and Nintendo was called out for asking full price for the game.


  • To promote the game (mainly the minigame 'Milk') and the Nintendo Switch itself, several Nintendo of America representatives traveled to Woodstock, Vermont to participate in a cow milking competition at a dairy farm.





8 months ago
Score 5
This should be free, or in bundle like wii sports


6 months ago
Score 0

"You have to rely on the unreliable variation"

Ah yes, the floor here is not made out of floor.


3 months ago
Score 0
Set your Joy-Con adrift!


28 days ago
Score 1
I'm glad I chose Super Mario Odyssey as my first Switch game after I remembered that this game existed.

Typhlosion Trainer

10 hours 31 minutes ago
Score 0
The first shovelware title released for the switch, and it's a bad one

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