007 Racing

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007 Racing
This shows that combining action-adventure driving with vehicular combat filtered though the lens of a licensed property is almost always going to end up in disaster.
Genre(s): Action
Platform(s): PlayStation
Release: NA: November 20, 2000
EU: December 15, 2000
Developer(s): Eutechnyx
EA Canada
Publisher(s): Electronic Arts
Country: United Kingdom
Series: James Bond

007 Racing is a 2000 action-racing video game based on the James Bond license, developed by Eutechnyx in association with EA Canada and published by Electronic Arts[1] for the PlayStation. It is a spin-off of the James Bond video game series.

Why It Sucks

  1. False advertising: Even though the title hints at a racing game, it's actually a poor hybrid of Driver and Twisted Metal.
  2. Poor controls.
  3. Blurry, blocky visuals.
  4. When you pick up a weapon, it instantly becomes your default item, so you could be firing machine gun bullets and then accidentally run into a missile and start firing those instead. 
  5. The game can't decide if it wants to be a racing game or an action game.
  6. Every car handles like a tank and takes forever to accelerate, which makes avoiding enemy gunfire more difficult than necessary.
  7. Firing a missile causes you to lose health.
  8. Your rockets are side-mounted, alternating fire from the left and right sides of your car. If you don't keep track of exactly which side of your car is the next to fire, lining up even midrange rocket shots is needlessly difficult, as you don't have any crosshair to aim better.
  9. You can't run over your enemies, meaning that the only way to kill them is using weapons, but if you run out of ammo, you're dead man.
  10. Bland missions and level design.
  11. Some missions are very cryptic, for example, in the third mission you have to destroy two forklifts, but none of your weapons will make any damage (nor even the missiles), to destroy them, you have to make them crash into some explosive boxes in the area, how are you supposed to know that?
    • If you destroyed the boxes previously, the only thing you can do is restart the mission.
  12. For some reason the laser weapons will fire from the sides of your vehicle instead of the front, making the laser-based missions really tedious and imprecise.
  13. Ear-raping music.
  14. Poor audio channels, the music will stop for a brief when a character talks.
  15. The announcer is extremely annoying and a douchebag, as he seems to care more about the car's painting than you, no joke.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. Despite the ear-raping volume of the music, it is pretty decent and fits well to the game.


  1. Published under the EA Games brand.


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