World War III: The Fight Against Terrorism

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World War III: The Fight Against Terrorism
World War 3, only with a budget worth a stick and a bowl of soup.
Genre: First-Person Shooter
Platforms: Microsoft Windows
Release Date: December 1, 2002
Game Engine: 3D GameStudio
Developer: Incorrigable Games
Publisher: Incorrigable Games

World War III: The Fight Against Terrorism is a 2002 first-person shooter developed and published by Incorrigable Games. It was released on December 1, 2002; three months after their similar game, Al Qaeda Hunting 3D. The game was made on 3D GameStudio engine, especially on A5 version.

Why It Sucks

  1. After launching this production, after waiting for the engine and publisher logos, you get an absolutely empty main menu. Only available is to press [Enter] to start. That's it! Even Elf Bowling 1 & 2 has more options than this, and that means a lot.
    • Only after deeper immersion in the folder with this game, you can find the configuration window, in which, in addition to three resolutions and output settings, you will be able to set even a triple or double buffer and even a joystick.
    • Worst of all, in the menu you see exactly the same as on the front cover of the game. It was as similar situation as in Drake of the 99 Dragons.
  2. The plot in the game practically does not exist. You play as a nameless soldier who is thrown straight into Tora Bora cave to stop Osama Bin Laden and the entire Al-Ka'ida base.
  3. The game consists of only three levels, just like in Ninjabread Man, including the first and third is a cave, while the second's snow level that the level design seems like a Tetris block.
  4. After pressing [Enter], you do not count on any cut-scene, whether in the form of an animation or a message, nor do you count on the loading screen or even a warning. Only you are immediately in a cave and you are hit by enemies with the rifles by several enemies. This game has no mercy and begs for another masochist.
  5. When you are at the beginning of the first level and when you go back, you can see a helicopter that does not know what to do with itself: Should it turn or not?
  6. The game was made in three months, which makes it an exact copy of the game, Al Qaeda Hunting 3D.
  7. The graphics you can see are a real scandal. It looks so terrible that even the one from W.A.R. Soldiers looks like a seventh heaven. The textures are extremely low quality, comparable to Superman 64; the shadows look as if they were cut out by a blind mole; lighting, which is only an ornament to be a bright color instead of the actual lighting; while character models look like they've gone through a marathon, banging their heads against the wall, hitting with a baseball bat, finally lowering their head in the toilet for an hour. Hence this effect was used by the greatest war criminal, Osama Bin Laden himself!
  8. The animations are so awful that make you cry, laugh and embarrassment. When the enemies crouch, it feels like that they have a diarrhea. When they shoot, it looks like they are dancing with their hands. Not to mention the animation of the protagonist walking, looking at the ground. And finally, the animation of horse is so pathetic that causes an immediate burst of laughter and want to learn Source Filmmaker to show that even the biggest amateur could do better animations than this!
  9. Returning to the animations, you do not feel any recoils after shooting.
  10. The sounds are just as horrible as the graphics. From the music you hear only a looped cacophony that causes gag reflex and quick cleaning of the ear. And when you finished the first and the last level, you will hear a noisy sound, causing the glass breakage quickly and bleeding from the ears. The weapons sound as if they were pounded with a plastic kitchen board against the table top. However, enemies sit calm as mice, you can only hear them at the very beginning of the game.
  11. The weapons arsenal is extremely poor. Only you have an MP5 with a laser sensor and AK-47, which also has a sensor. That's all. Not even five or even four, but two weapons. Not to mention that the weapons do the same damage.
  12. Horrible artificial intelligence. Opponents can quickly lose you when you go next to the Talibans. Sometimes after a few shots they behave strangely: either when they are crouching or stand still.
  13. The game is extremely short. All three levels can be completed in 5 minutes.
  14. Somehow, when you are far from one of the Taliban, they seem to be gigantic, and when you approach them, they return to normal size.
  15. Scandalous collision. Sometimes even shooting in the knee or head can lead to their death, and sometimes when firing up to fifty bullets will not knock them. Just like with barrels.
  16. Collision detection is also incorrect. You can often penetrate through boxes.
  17. After completing the last stage, you do not receive any ending. Neither cut-scenes, nor congratulations cards. Only after hearing this noise, do you get once again a fist on your face in the form of an indistinct inscription that was supposed to resemble the Arabic or Hindi language, where it notifies you so that you can hit the [Esc] button.


The only website that rated this game was Russian Absolute Games (, which they gave the lowest rating, an 1% out of 100%.



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