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Z Grand GR/sandbox
3do doom cover.jpg
Someone should had told Art Data Interactive that game development is not easy at all
Genre: First Person Shooter
Platforms: 3DO
Release Date: 1996
Developer: LogicWare
Publisher: Art Data Interactive
Made in: USA

Doom its a well known Fps game developed and released by ID Software in 1993, the 3DO port that is beign covered in this page was developed by LogicWare and published by Art Data Interactive.

The 3DO port has a really complicated history, and after its release, it has rightfully obtained the fame of the absolute worst port of Doom to any system ever.


Why It Sucks

  1. The most infamous part of this port, is that you play it in a really small screen, at an smaler resolution, than any other port of Doom, even the Snes port allowed you to play in fullscreen.
    • The game has 6 screen sizes but none of them come close to the other ports of the game.
    • there are extra 2 larger resoltions that are hidden behind a cheat code, this is because originally the 3DO company wanted to make a updated system called M2, which had the abilty to play 3DO games at better resolutions and framerates, but the project was cancelled.
  2. The second most infamous part is definetely; The absolutely atrocious framerate most of the time the game barely reaches 20 FPS., and sometimes outright goes to single digits.
    • While lowering the screen size improves the framerate, it never reaches a decent number, no matter the size.
  3. Since this is a port of the Atari Jaguar, there is no Spider Master mind nor Cyberdemon.
  4. While the sound most of the time is decent, there are times that a louder sound will silence others completely or at least partially.
  5. False Adevertising, the back of the box still lists the supposed features that this port originally was going to have, including the FMV cutscenes, and new levels, which of course dont exist in the finish game
  6. The controls are awful:
    • The to switch weapons you must press the strife buttons and C, which is an akward combination and not very precise.
    • The automap is also behind an even less precise combination, in this case C+Start

Reediming qualities







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