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There's always three sides to every story.. The scumbag Government only knows one side which is I am always right, Never admit defeat to any fucker who wants to take your games away.

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I will the enemy of the "Oppressed" Blacks, The SJW's, The scumbag Left population, News Reporters, and Game Journalists until the day I die, They all should die.

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I know about games.. More so than others, I've played games since the age of 2 and know more about what makes an game good or bad, If it has an story that makes sense, looks good but not "extremely" good such as most graphic whores ask about, and Reasonable difficulty It's an game, Nothing more nothing less.

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Anything 1990's movies, and Old "reality" VHS Tapes.


Hells Kitchen, Cheat! (on Youtube), AVGN Episodes.


Rock, Old Country of the 1990's, Old Pop of the 90's, Metal, Classic Music, Samba Music.


*See Magaziines

Video games

N64, PlayStation 4, PC, Gameboy Advance, Switch.


Old Nintendo Power Guides, Retro Game Magazines.


Canada Dry Ginger Ale

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Full time PS4 Livestreamer/YouTuber, Smashing the foolish SJW's and "Oppressed" Black Population flat.


Gamers..Have Education? But if it concerns you or you want to know, I have an full G.E.D. on my Wall.

About me

Who am I? What am I? I'm still..Better than you, It's Aj from the old Crappy Games Wikia off Fandumb, They thought they could kill me off but they were wrong.