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This will most likely be noticed by many from my profile picture, but my favorite character is The Snatcher from A Hat In Time, and I feel quite obsessed with him, lmao.

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I'm both a Modern and Old-School gamer, despite being a 2000s kid. Currently I have a PC, PS3, Nintendo DSi XL, PSP (though the buttons are broken), PS2, PSX and Nintendo Switch.

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For the veterans back at the FANDOM days, I was known as LucarioFan36, due of my small obsession with Lucario from Pokemon.

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Basically anything that isn't over-saturated (like The Sound Of Silence, The Passenger, Caligula, Come And Get Your Love etc.) and Videogame OSTs (Top favorite being the A Hat In Time OST).


Not really a book reader, but last time I read a book was The DaVinci Code.

Video games

A Hat In Time, Yakuza 0, Ghostbusters: The Videogame, Alien: Isolation, a bunch of retro games and much more!


I can eat anything, as long it doesn't have Onion.


Same deal, just like with Food.

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Athens, Greece

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Athens, Greece. Only my hometown.

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I'm just your everyday Teenager from Greece. Hardcore gamer, Food lover and Wiki Contributor when on my phone, checking articles.