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Kaze no Klonoa: Moonlight Museum (or simply Klonoa: Moonlight Museum) is the second Klonoa game released in 1999 exclusive to the japanese Bandai Wonderswan, it is the first handheld game and puzzle themed game of the franchise.


Klonoa and Huepow come across a young crying girl who tells them that the Moon has been divided into fragments and stolen by a mysterious group of artists that reside in Moonlight Museum, once the determined duo come inside, they're greeted by a painter named Picoo who traps them inside a piece of artwork.


Similar to Klonoa: Door to Phantomile but limited to 30 two-dimensional visions, each one with a door locked by 3 Moon Stones, Klonoa and Huepow must explore their way through 5 worlds and restore the moon to the sky.

Bad Qualities

  1. Despite being exclusive to a less powerful console and not considered a direct sequel, it feels like a downgrade to what made Door to Phantomile a memorable classic, while most sequels end up being better or at least just as good as the first game.
  2. While vertical visions were an unique gimmick for the game thanks to the console, it doesn't really change the actual gameplay and ends up limiting the camera, making such feature pointless.
  3. Subpar soundtrack, some songs range from mediocre, repetitive or annoying to listen for too long.
  4. Barebones story, and every world's start and ending (save for the final and EX world) cutscenes are somewhat identical, the heroes meet one artist from the museum, said artist lets them go after the moon pieces while thinking they're trapped, heroes suceeds in collecting them all and go to the next area.
    • The first character which Klonoa and Huepow meets and tells what's happening is literally named Girl unlike other characters from the game, which coming from a franchise know to have a cast of unique characters, that's a rather lazy move.
  5. Lack of boss fights in the entire game, and the bad guys gets away scot-free despite stealing the moon fragments just for their own artistic purposes.
  6. The character's hitbox is a notable square (probably has something to do with his long ears), which makes it possible to get stuck or take easy hits.
  7. Sometimes the camera doesn't catch up with Klonoa, which is annoying to deal with in a slow-paced puzzle game.

Good Qualities

  1. The gameplay still remain fun despite the (reasonable) lack of 2.5D perspective.
  2. Even with lack of colors the graphics do look quite impressive, including well made unlockable artworks for each world.
  3. More balanced difficult with Klonoa having 3 HP instead of 6 HP, which the next games would follow this change.
  4. Decent or good tracks like Quiet Hometown, Palace of Clouds, World EX and Intro Cutscene.
    • The last afromentioned track got it's official remixes for Klonoa: Lunatea's Veil.
  5. It spawned the GBA duology which argually improved Moonlight Museum's puzzle theme.