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Trigger Man is a low-budget third-person shooter by Point of View and Crave Entertainment, released in 2004 for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and Nintendo GameCube.


You play as a gunman who has been hired by mafia Don Coladangelo to eliminate the rival Montagano family.

Why It Sucks

  1. Forgettable and downright unlikable characters.
  2. Dumb AI with a tendency to either stand still forever, take cover at the wrong side, or run straight into your line of fire.
  3. Stiff and tanky controls.
  4. Dull environments and level design.
  5. Terrible sound design with low-quality soundbites and an awful soundtrack.
  6. Makes a rather generic and poor attempt at telling an "evil vs. evil" story.
  7. Can be beaten in less than one hour.
  8. Enemies are too tough. The unarmored ones can soak up ten pistol bullets (or three shotgun blasts to the face) before going down.
  9. Awful stealth mechanics. In fact, any attempt at being stealthy will usually fail because the AI can spot you from a mile away.
  10. You can't pick up ammo after killing enemies, which means you will be running out of ammo a lot.
  11. Absolutely no voice acting except for the enemies' defeat groans. The game resorts to using text boxes, which results in awkward cutscenes.
  12. There is no PC version due to the low budget.