The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep

The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep
Oh, this game's legendary alright! It's legendary because of how awful this game is!
Protagonist: Angus MacMorrow
Genre: Action
Platforms: Microsoft Windows
PlayStation 2
Nintendo DS
Release Date: Microsoft Windows
EU: March 7, 2007
PlayStation 2
EU: March 14, 2008
AU: April 3, 2008

Nintendo DS
EU: April 25, 2008
Developer: Atomic Planet Entertainment
Publisher: Blast! Entertainment
Made in: United Kingdom
Franchise: The Water Horse

The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep is a 2007 action-adventure video game released for the PlayStation 2, Nintendo DS, and Microsoft Windows. Developed by British developer Atomic Planet Entertainment and published by Blast! Entertainment, the publishing label of Mastertronic Group. The game is based on a movie which is based on Dick King-Smith's children's novel The Water Horse.


The plot of the game has definitely been cut in relation to the movie and the novel. A young boy named Angus MacMorrow, one day while gathering seashells, he noticed the large and mysterious egg hidden at the sand. Later, when he returns, an egg hatches with the title water horse, which Angus calls Crusoe. Angus needs to get a food to the newborn little creature.

Why It Sucks

  1. Horrible graphics that look like they were taken from the Atari Jaguar era. First, it is worth mentioning some natural elements, such as water, which looks like dark blue and cold jelly (including only levels with a bird's eye view camera). The character models come off pitifully and more like puppets on display cheaply at Walmart. The textures look like someone has learned to work in GIMP while learning computer science. And the backgrounds that are either a black screen or a flat, low resolution bitmap.
  2. The cutscenes are made with the least resistance line. First, what it offers are movie fragments downloaded from the Internet, as was also the case in Antikiller, and a text wall with an additional image from the movie fragment.
  3. Incredibly pathetic animations that embarrass with greater stiffness than sticks themselves. First off, it's worth saying that Angus's walking animation looks as if he is holding a broom behind his back. Opponents' walking animations show proof that these are the most lazily programmed scripts; the enemies are unable to rotate, only after one frame of the animation suddenly turns to the other side.
  4. Generic, soulless and quickly forgotten music that does not improve your mood in any way, and does not stimulate any emotions.
  5. Embarrassing sound effects that look more like those of bad TV game shows or low-quality YouTube videos, especially after catching a food, and a puzzle piece.
  6. Awful controls. On the one hand, the walking as Angus and Crusoe in bird's eye view levels may be slightly bearable, in the case of missions where you swim as Crusoe, it is a scandal.
  7. Non-existent artificial intelligence. The game uses cheaply executed scripts, which wander through the terrain as if they are bored, and as Angus being noticed by them, they suddenly start chasing, as if they were not aware that he had appeared earlier when they were not next to him.
  8. Unforgivable level design, which extremely shows the laziness of the developers. The levels are mostly limited to the same location, especially in Angus' farm situation, in the case of missions with a bird's eye view.
  9. In the case of a mission where you have to collect lettuce and an apple for Crusoe, complete strangers are walking around Angus' own farm who do not resemble the characters in the original. Which is weird because it's his own farm, not the other way around.
  10. The levels you control as Crusoe are not only stupid, they are also boring (not counting the levels in which he's walking on farm and swims in the lake, which this site will mention later).
    • There is a mission where little Crusoe swims in a barrel, in which he has to eat apples and avoiding the apple cores.
    • There is a level completely randomly invented by the developers in which Crusoe has to perform tricks. And the funniest thing about it, these tricks increase Angus' bar on HUD, which in this case is supposed to set his mood.
    • The third, arguably the most pointless mission ever, taking place in the fountain. The water horse is absolutely not racing with anyone, it only has the task of satisfying its hunger by eating fish and avoiding seaweed.
  11. There is a certain level where the first scene appears where the dog chases the water horse. And it turns out that in the first of two levels, a dog does not appear.
  12. The level in which you are swimming on the lake as Crusoe is not only frustrating, but it stimulates an overwhelming reluctance to continue playing.
    • In some levels, it aims to defeat the opponents swimming with a boat, but an obvious thing has been introduced that artificially complicates the gameplay, you eat fish that are under the water so as not to be hungry.
    • Sometimes they are circles that you have to flow, penetrate, and jump up like in Superman 64 (during flying), and Aquaman: Battle for Atlantis (during swimming). Also, in such a crazy missions like these, eating fishes is also obligatory, as usual.
  13. There are illogical things.
    • In the mission you control Angus from the bird's eye perspective, when you need to build a bridge, you find a plank that is unimaginably large compared to the height of the main character. It turns out that Angus somehow takes a plank, and some may say that he has put the board in the anus, as there is no other option, at least as predicted by the players.
    • Speaking about a plank, during this previously mentioned mission, you finally build a bridge, but it is completely pointless, because next to the Angus' constructed bridge, there is actually a normal bridge next to a protagonist.
  14. An ending that you can safely say does not exist is in no way satisfactory. After completing all recycling levels, a low-quality "cutscene" appears showing how happy the characters are, and how the water horse is swimming away from all over the frame.
    • The funniest thing about the end of the game is that there are no credits. The developers themselves were probably aware of the exceptionally low quality of the product, hence, for human dignity, they were not mentioned.





4 months ago
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The cover art looks like a movie poster.


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Dirty Dancing: The Video Game's cover art also looks like a movie poster.


4 months ago
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For some reason it kinda reminds me of the Free Willy movie poster.

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