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In general, this template should only be used by Administrators.

Non-checkuser usage

Usage Code Output
Not blocked {{sockpuppeteer}}
Blocked, no evidence {{sockpuppeteer|blocked}}
Blocked for a specific amount of time, with evidence. {{sockpuppeteer|timeblocked}}
Blocked with a long-term abuse page {{sockpuppeteer|blocked|ltapage=Orangemoody}}
Proven without a report. {{sockpuppeteer|proven}}
Proven via a report, not blocked, behavioral evidence shown and not the name of the user being tagged. The template will automatically link the user being tagged if it exists. {{sockpuppeteer|spipage= Example user}}
Proven via behavioral evidence, blocked, but not tagged. {{sockpuppeteer|blocked| spipage=Example user}}
Blocked with specific non-behavioral or with technical evidence. {{sockpuppeteer|blocked| evidence=[[Foo]]}};

Checkuser usage

Usage Code Output
Not blocked {{sockpuppeteer|checked=yes}}
Blocked {{sockpuppeteer|blocked| checked=yes}}
Banned for repeated abuse {{sockpuppeteer|banned|checked=yes}}
Checked via a Steward CheckUser (Stewards only) report, not blocked, but the decision of tagging will be up to administrators. {{sockpuppeteer|checked=yes| spipage=Example user}}
Checked from obvious behavioral or technical evidence. The template will automatically link to the user page of the user being tagged if it exists. {{sockpuppeteer|blocked| checked=yes|spipage=Example user}}
Checked using non-Wikipedia evidence {{sockpuppeteer|blocked| checked=yes|evidence=[[Foo]]}}
Checked using the old RFCU process {{sockpuppeteer|blocked| checked=yes|casename=Example user}}


This template adds pages to Category:Wikipedia sockpuppeteers, and to Category:Banned Wikipedia users when using the Template:Code switch.

It also adds the __NOINDEX__ magic word.

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