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Team Fortress 2: Scammer lies about having cancer to get free items

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In 2017, a Steam scammer known as Rogue claimed that he had cancer and depression just to get items in the first-person shooter video game Team Fortress 2.

Rogue was apparently depressed. Instead of being open to his friends and explaining his issues, he constantly lamented to try to get people to feel bad for him. He kept whining that he never got any gifts and when he saw that a certain Garry's Mod artist didn't put him in his art, he cried about being depressed. He then lied about having cancer to get people to feel bad for him and so they can give him free items. He also betrayed all of his friends this way. Remember that he lied about this just to get artificial sympathy from people he didn't even know.

Aftermath and "Apology"

Many people got scammed by Rogue and got their items stolen. Doomsday.exe worked to get people's belongings back, and Rogue was trade-banned on Steam. There was even a Discord server dedicated to debunking him with evidence that exposes him. He later changed his Steam name to try to get more people to feel sorry for him, and then he proceeded to "apologize" to everyone on his Steam profile. It turned out that this apology was discovered to be directly copy-pasted from a site on the internet, therefore making his apology invalid. It appears that he has stopped playing TF2, and the drama died down, with a few people still hating on him for his actions.


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