Strike Force: Desert Thunder

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NOTE: Not to be confused with Desert Thunder, a 2003 game published by Groove Games.

Strike Force: Desert Thunder
Delta Force, only with a spent budget of post-soup bowl in combination with a spaghetti code.
Genre: First-Person Shooter
Platforms: Microsoft Windows
Release Date: April 25, 2016
Game Engine: Unreal Engine 4
Developer: West Forest Games
Publisher: West Forest Games
Franchise: Strike Force
Next Game: Strike Force: Arctic Storm

Strike Force: Desert Thunder is a first-person shooter video game released in 2016 for Microsoft Windows on Steam digital distribution. It was developed and published by West Forest Games (the same developer behind Gold Crusader and Push The Crate). The game is driven on Unreal Engine 4.


The game is inspired by the Delta Force series. You join 10 intense, large scale missions to prevent terrorist attacks. Customize your loadout, choose between 12 weapons and jump right into the action. Each Mission is large scale (2km²) and open to your tactical strategy.[1]

Why It Sucks

  1. In fact, the game is unforgivably ripping-off the Delta Force series, but it does it absolutely ineptly in almost every way, making the weakest Delta Force instalment looks and plays like Template:Awesome. What's funny, even the developers admit that they will not shine with originality, adding information on Steam that the game is inspired by a series made by NovaLogic.
  2. The cover of the game is extremely ugly. It is designed to use a generic contemporary conflict font, adding an artwork that looks like it was downloaded from the Internet.
  3. The main menu is the brothel of the first class.
    • First, what you can see in the background is the graphics that were used as the cover of the game.
    • Then three options that look like they were made in GIMP, where rectangles and a standard font have been added.
    • Some options have a wrongly chosen font, making it barely visible.
    • The game does not allow you to change the mouse sensitivity.
    • As you change the music volume bar, the music starts all over again, as it happened in Bubsy 3D.
    • In credits, Only the well-known composer of free songs that were used frequently on YouTube is highlighted. Even the developers themselves did not give their first and last name, only the name of the studio where they developed the game, so they could be aware of the low quality of the game, or they were shy, at least there are such feelings.
  4. The gameplay is so dry and devoid of soul that it makes you feel sorry to look at it and play. Desert Thunder is confined after walking the grounds, killing brainless cannon fodder, collecting items that the game tells you to, and fleeing. It is also worth mentioning that the plot in this game simply does not exist.
  5. Although the game uses Unreal Engine 4, it feels more like it was made on FPS Creator. The graphics are absolutely horrible, which is causing retching and castration of the eyes. First of all, it is worth complaining about the extremely terrible character models that bring to mind the times of Sega Dreamcast, where some enemies look like the Russian Agent 47 rip-off. The textures are of curdled milk quality. Buildings resemble plastic dollhouses of Chernobyl. The sand looks like it is made of sawdust. Special effects, for example blood, resemble tomato sauce. And the weapons look like cheap plastic toys.
  6. Not only is the soundtrack lacking the vibe and barely bearable. The mere fact that using free music, especially from Kevin MacLeod, additionally he has nothing to do with this game, already perfectly indicates that the developers are ordinary students who either do not have the budget to hire an original composer or are unimaginably lazy. The music in the main menu sounds like a clatter played by a sleepless ferret, and in the first level, although you can experience music consistent with the climate of the deserts, after a few seconds it starts to irritate with a repetitive melody. The rest of the songs, on the other hand, are inconsistent with the climate and it looks as if a novice editor is making videos on YouTube.
  7. The sound effects are absolutely lame. First, you will hear a looping walking noise, though it sounds more like someone is scratching his head. The sounds of the guns are similar to the sounds of an acorn gun or percussion gun, regardless of the type of weapon. And opponents' noises are causing ear-bleeding with their hopelessness, sounding like it was all fake, making strange noises when drunk, unaware they forgot to turn off the voice recording.
  8. The animations are absolutely horrendous, stiff, and done with the least resistance.
    • When switching the weapons, you will not experience any animation, only after one frame of invisible animation the weapon model will change immediately.
    • Walking and reloading animations are reminiscent of an extremely old game developed by Valve which was done on the GoldSrc engine.
    • In a situation when you get closer to enemies or you will be in the same room as them, then immediately after one frame of equally invisible animation they turn to the degree where you are.
    • The opponent's walking animation looks as if it was copied in combination with from the Source Filmmaker amateur's project and the Template:Awesome's walking animation.
    • The crouch animation, as in the case of switching weapons, is limited to one frame of the invisible animation, which makes it easier (in the case of protection), but also difficult to play (in the case of shooting and protection at the same time).
    • The last thing worth mentioning is the animation of the opponent's fall, which, after receiving a lot of damage, first kneels for a while and then falls to the ground as if he were drunk.
  9. The level design is poor as well as repetitive, and uninspired. Some levels are limited to boring walking in the desert with a small number of buildings (which internally only offers the crates and tables) repeating internally to the point where you immediately feel "deja vu". At other times you can see the city, only the buildings are terribly poor in content and repeat themselves once more.
  10. Extremely disastrous artificial intelligence that lacks a brain at the level of the average adult person.
    • First, they wander around the grounds for no reason, as if they are in search of treasure.
    • Snipers who are lurking behind a corner of a certain terrain cannot shoot, even when you shoot at them yourself. They can only react with a shot in any way, is when you get closer to a given distance to which they can see the maximum.
    • Enemies in or out of the building are also thoughtless. First of all, they have a similarity with snipers that they don't shoot at you even though you do it yourself. However, they have a similar situation as in Wolfschanze that the enemies absolutely cannot shoot you while you crouch, regardless of the distance.
    • Their last feature of absolute idiocy is that they shoot at you, even though there is a window in front of them.
  11. The controls are various. On the one hand, the character control is really correct, probably thanks to the game engine, on the other hand, the mouse control is too chaotic, so you have to struggle a bit to aim at the opponent.
  12. The game is devoid of realism, even by the standards of first-person shooters.
    • Shotgun, the type of weapon that should be used at close range to kill an enemy, in the case of the game, shooting from a distance even from the same distance as any sniper rifle can, kills the enemy from a long range without problems.
    • Shooting the head, both when using a machine gun and a sniper, the enemy does not die after one shot in the previously mentioned part of the body, but you have to shoot at least five times.
    • The game is programmed in such a way that it breaks the rules according to physics, so after a fall from a large distance, in the case of a several-floor residential block, the character will not suffer from falling from a height at all.
  13. The game is technically broken in almost every aspect, so you can notice a lot of bugs and glitches.
  14. The game is not challenging, mainly because of the stupid artificial intelligence and repetitive level design, which makes the gameplay easier. It is also worth mentioning the achievements that are absolutely easy, and it looks as if the developers find that players are so underdeveloped and will add, for example, the achievement related to the launch of the first level.
  15. The game has no ending whatsoever. After completing the first to the last mission, the faintly visible inscription "MISSION SUCCESSFUL!" appears, the game will send you back to the main menu.
  16. The game is quite short. It only offers ten short missions that can be completed in less than an hour and a half in total.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. The price of the game, although of low quality, was tremendously cheap, costing only $3, although currently the game can't be purchased on Steam anymore.


Strike Force: Desert Thunder has generally not been reviewed by critics, but can be seen from users' Steam reviews, where the game has been very poorly received, receiving only 20% positive reviews based on 24 reviews.[2]

Template:Awesome in the 143th episode of the Najgorsze Gry Wszechczasów series, gave the game a 0/10 in every way, saying "Dawno nie grałem w tak niedorobioną, siermiężną, nienatchnioną, dziurawą, i posklejaną na ślinę militarystyczną fuszerkę, w dodatku kurwa na takim silniku." (English: "It's been a long time since I played such an underdeveloped, crude, uninspired, holey, and saliva-stuck militaristic fluff, and in addition, on such a fucking engine.")[3]





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I think the game could be delisted only in certain countries, at least in Mexico the game is still available for 36 pesos (around 1.80 dollars)

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