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Stepfather kills 3-year-old for throwing a tantrum over a video game

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May Ivy Wick rest in peace

In 2017, stepfather Justin Bennett was playing video games. A little girl named Ivy Wick was with him during his gameplay while Helen Wordsworth (Ivy's mother) was somewhere else, but not with Justin or Ivy. The little girl threw a temper tantrum which led to Justin go and attack Ivy brutally by throwing her to a wall. Ivy never woke up, and she ended up in the hospital. The bad news is that Ivy died from brain and head injuries. On Friday, Court of Queen's Bench Justice Blair Nixon ruled the prosecution had proven beyond a reasonable doubt that Bennett had the exclusive opportunity to kill Ivy. Bennet tried to lie to prosecutors Tom Spark and Sue Kendall that Ivy had tripped and fallen yet Spark replied "but that story did not match Ivy's injuries". While Justin got in trouble, he had to confess what had happened during Ivy's death and it was clear that he had a video game addiction. He was then found guilty later on.

In March 2021, Bennett was convicted of second degree murder.



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