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Rovio Entertainment
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Remember the time where Rovio went greedy, thanks to that greedy monarch King Pig who had successfully took over?
Type: Public
Founded: November 10, 2003
Founder(s): Niklas Hed
Jarno Väkeväinen
Kim Dikert
Headquarters: Espoo, Finland
Key people: Alexandre Pelletier-Normand (CEO)
René Lindell (CFO)
Ville Heijari (CMO)
Subsidiaries: PlayRaven

Rovio Entertainment is a Finnish video game company founded by Niklas Hed, Jarno Väkeväinen, and Kim Dikert at November 10, 2003. While their games are decent, they milk Angry Birds a lot. Their headquarters are located in Espoo, Finland.

After the first Angry Birds Movie was released, they continued to milk more of their Angry Birds franchise, to the point that it was milked so much that the franchise lost the magic that made it special in the first place.

Bad Qualities

Note: Most (or all) of the flaws are after the first Angry Birds Movie was released.

  1. They are notorious for milking Angry Birds non-stop during the production of The Angry Birds Movie 2, to the point where some of the fans wish for Rovio to make a new franchise if it meant that Angry Birds can finally rest in peace.
  2. They mainly focus on the main flock at the pre-film games by removing Stella’s flock’s playable status in Angry Birds Pop!, and only letting them appear as background characters.
  3. They wanted to add more functions in Angry Birds Go! at the 2.0 era by adding blueprints, parts, and different types of karts to unlock different characters, which didn't get the critical acclaim they expected. Even people on are trying to make it happen.
  4. Some of the games are internet based, so games like Angry Birds Stella and The Croods have shut down permanently with no way to play them, the latter without warning due to an expired license.
  5. Unoriginal ideas at the Angry Birds games. Angry Birds Match? A redo of Nibblers, another one of Rovio’s games. For example, Angry Birds Blast is a rip-off of Toy Blast and Toon Blast.
  6. The post-film games never allow Hal, Bubbles, or any members of Stella’s flock to be playable at all in the games that were officially released.
  7. Their shows are boring at times, and 4 of them (including the new series Angry Birds Maker Space) have Red, Chuck, Bomb as the main protagonists just like the post-film games, with Matilda, Jim, Jake and Jay relegated to background characters,
  8. They also rush their games to the point where they have little content to offer. For instance, their new game Angry Birds Explore didn't have as much content as they advertised.
  9. The game Angry Birds Evolution seems like an attempt at cashing in to games like Marvel: Future Fight, Power Rangers: Legacy Wars, and many other games like it.
  10. In mid-2019, they removed most of the old Angry Birds games, consisting of the original, Seasons, Rio, Space, Star Wars, Star Wars II, Go, & Epic. To make matters worse, most of those games were critically acclaimed by fans. The worst part is that Rovio's "excuse" for removing these games were for "testing purposes".
    • What's even worse is that because of their habit of removing many of their good games, they've also removed their non-Angry Birds IPs such as Amazing Alex, Tiny Thief, Retry, Sky Punks, and many more. Not only does this reveal their greedy practices, but it just tells the fans that Rovio, like Sega, has chosen to use their most popular IP as their cash cow.
    • They did not even reinstate any of the games after the "testing" (some of their "testing" even prolonged), (except for Bad Piggies) despite the fans clamoring them to do so, but Rovio says the games are being updated to work better on modern devices, despite there being games that haven't been updated in over 5 years that still work fine on new Android machines.
    • The sole survivor to the Angry Birds games removal, Angry Birds Transformers, is unfortunately being milked TO THIS DAY. Notably, after the 2.0 update, they have removed Shockwave's Spire(which is similar to the tower of fortune in Angry Birds 2), a good way to get useful items every day, replacing it with a worthless war pass that was a cash grab in disguise, and changed the gear storage to a crystal storage, while REDUCING EVERYONE'S COSMETIC UPGRADES BACK TO ZERO! They also gave the original spark run system with a dull replacement version, created many bugs and glitches, and started naming events after characters instead of having original names, disappointing many longtime players. They are also suspected of using bots to force people to pay in order to win events.
  11. Rovio has begun doing Playrix’s practices like false advertising.
  12. Since around 2016, Rovio has replaced the title themes for their Angry Birds games with inferior remixes with no way to switch back to the original themes without modding the game.
  13. Angry Birds 2 and their first movie, while the former being a good game and the latter was not all bad, the former is inferior to the first game from some fans due to using limited lives system, and the latter has inappropriate adult jokes, despite the fact that it's at least faithful to the games, and that's pretty much it. Not to mention, both was how the company itself gone downhill until 2020.
  14. Their 2022 remake of Angry Birds, made on the Unity Engine called Rovio Classics: Angry Birds. Had lots of issues during launch such as audio playing in a lower pitch, many assets from the newer version appear such as Bomb being shown as Short Fuse Bomb instead, incorrect sound effects play such as the Blues having Matilda's powerup sound instead, and various things that the original 2012 version did not have. In which it is considered Nostalgia pandering, however it could be decent for some fans.

Good Qualities

  1. There’s still enough good qualities for Rovio to be on Awesome Games Wiki.
  2. Regarding the fact that they removed the favorite games of many fans, they announced that they are bringing back the old games. They also explained why they removed the games.
    • Speaking of which, this might confirm that Rovio is starting to improve themselves and yet, returning back into its former glory, as they’ve released a trailer for Bad Piggies 2 on TikTok, whereas Bad Piggies hasn’t got a new sequel nor a spin-off.
    • Even if they have to update their games in order to make them available on current IOS platforms, they could at least try to make them available on the PC so it would be easier for them to preserve the games.
  3. Their second movie is decent, and it is a very huge improvement over their first film despite the box office drop in cinemas.



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