Robin Hood's Quest

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Robin Hood's Quest
What a hoodlum this game is.
Genre: Stealth
Platforms: PlayStation 2
Microsoft Windows
Release Date: February 16, 2007
Developer: Broadsword Interactive
Publisher: Oxygen Games
Franchise: Robin Hood

Robin Hood's Quest is a stealth adventure game developed by Broadsword Interactive and published by Oxygen Games. This game is based on the medieval British folklore hero of the same name and was released on February 16, 2007 for PC and PlayStation 2.

Why It Sucks

  1. The box art is very poorly made; you can clearly see the trees as if they were illuminated by daylight but the sky shows that it is night. Also, Robin Hood is not on the cover.
  2. There are no cutscenes at all, just text with narration.
  3. Poor and dreadful graphics.
  4. Crappy voice dialogue where Robin sounds depressed.
  5. Bad controls, as it is hard to control the camera.
  6. The stealth missions are far worse than Daemon Summoner and Beverly Hills Cop; if a guard sees Robin, he will chase him and then Robin Hood falls on his knees, as there is nowhere to hide or to get rid of (kill) the guards.
  7. Poor grasp of the source material.
  8. You are defenseless, as Robin Hood cannot use your bow and arrows at the guards. They are only used to get past the gate.
  9. False advertisement: the game says that the Sheriff of Nottingham has captured Maid Marian, but you never actually see him.


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