A company that tries way too hard to be famous
Founded: 2004
Founder: Igor Anatolyevich Bukhman
Dmitry Bukhman
Headquarters: Vologda, Russia

Playrix is a Russian video game publisher, founded in 2004. The company was known for the match 3 games such as Fishdom, Gardenscapes and Homescapes. By 2019, they were heavily criticized for their false advertising in order to earn profit and bait customers.

Why They Suck Now

Note: This company went from quantity towards quality and how they got criticized.

  1. The main problem is especially their advertising: They false-advertise games in order to milk it off for money and bait in customers just to get "famous".
    • Especially, these notably include their known games such as Gardenscapes, Homescapes, or Fishdom where the player has to successfully win, but what always happens is that they would lose the game by choosing wrong moves.
  2. Their match to 3 games could get really harder as progress moves on since you technically face a bunch of difficulty spikes everywhere if you don't use moves. They also give you very little moves in the games and this will most likely make you lose the games.
  3. Their advertising videos are really mean-spirited as the player always lose and they make the enemy win. It is also said that the player always chooses the correct moves but always gets the wrong one in the end. The player in the adverts is (presumably careless) as he would result into losing.
  4. Their advertising comes out as a generic "choose the correct one or you will fail ad" since they would usually advertise the type of ad and they would usually get the wrong one. That also applies to "defeat the enemy to win" since the player always fails in said advertisement.
  5. They seem to be really stubborn since the people asking questions about why they false advertise don't respond or give an automated message.
    • They also did this because of "fear from copyright infringement of larger companies."

Redeeming Qualities

  1. At least the company wasn't that bad before their advertising.
  2. Their games are actually good if you subtract the advertisements and WTSN#3.
  3. Their games have little ads comparing to some other companies.


Their "false ads" are true because they showcase the hidden minigames that can be found within their games.




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