Pixel Worlds: Zygora Hacking Incident

On February 28, 2022. Zygora, one of the richest Pixel Worlds players who has been known for making the "Soil To Platinum Lock" series in which is about how to get rich easily. Got hacked.

How it occurred

A Instagram account called Revamped Studio contacted Zygora about a offer on their own MMO game, and provided the link to the website to download the executable.

However the executable actually turned out to be a Rat Malware that controlled Zygora's computer and stole all of his passwords to every account he owned including his Pixel Worlds account.

What happened?

A user named wtfman on YouTube uploaded a video called "Hacking Zygora | Pixel Worlds" in which he destroyed years of hard work for Zygora. By kicking many of his members from his Level 9 Clan and disbanding it, and then unlocking the world "HALLOFCLAN" so people can destroy it.

The hacker also trashed multiple untradable items that were only obtainable by spending real money, multiple valuable items that are worth thousands to millions of bytes, and wasted bytes on gem packs.

He also had a exploit for a admin panel and used it to get Zygora perm banned on Pixel Worlds.

After the incident

After the incident occurred, Zygora's account got banned. Until 1 week later after the incident, his account was unbanned. But his account was not rolled back, resulting in Zygora losing lots of valueable items. And none of his worlds received a rollback to undo the destruction done by the hacking incident.

Pixel Worlds Support also didn't help to restore his items making the excuse "I can't give special treatment to Creators" in which made the situation worse, as it proved further that Pixel Worlds Support was useless. They also didn't restore the untradable items that Zygora paid real money for.

Despite Zygora losing a lot of valuables gained from grinding, Zygora didn't give up from the game after the incident. And he still plays the game today, trying to earn back many of the bytes that were lost.



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