PS4 Error CE-34878-0

CE-34878-0 is a fatal PS4 application error code in which an application closed because of an error. The error code frequently occurs on early PS4 firmware versions. The error code may inhibit the user from running any application on the PS4. While initially it might not be such a great deal, after some time it will render the system unusable.

The PS4's equivalent of the Red Ring of Death.

What Made This Worse

  1. Sony constantly pushed a solution that consisted in reformatting the entire system (deleting everything that was in the system storage, including the firmware) and reinstalling everything, however this solution didn't fix the error, in fact according to some people the error was with the console's hard drive that is damaged, and if that wasn't enough, replacing the hard drive, especially in Latin American countries, can be really expensive.
  2. The customer support was horrendous and wasn't very helpful at all.
  3. Sony never offered a solution or compensation to the customers affected by the error, in fact they never publicly admitted that this error existed, they just let the controversy die.


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