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Overwatch: Man strangles his boyfriend during an argument: Revision history

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13 January 2022

  • curprev 01:1001:10, 13 January 2022Areyoutyler talk contribs 712 bytes +712 Created page with "On January 11, 2022, 31-year-old Docquen Watkins was charged with second degree murder for choking his boyfriend to death during an argument over the video game ''Overwatch''. On January 6, 2022, Watkins called the Oakland County Sheriff's Office to his home in Pontiac, Michigan. He told authorities he and his boyfriend of 10 years, Rory Teasley, had been in a fight, which started while the two were playing ''Overwatch''. Watkins told police that Teasley was sleepi..."