Nolan Bushnell snubbed of the Pioneer Award

In early 2018, Atari founder Nolan Bushnell lost an award due to the fact that Atari had a history of "misogyny".

Nice of you to rob the man who brought home consoles to the mainstream of his precious award, Brianna. You hack fraud. You SHEEP.


Atari founder was due to receive a "Pioneer Award" to celebrate his contributions to gaming with the Atari 2600. However, Brianna Wu posted on Twitter about supposed misogynist actions he did over 40 years.

Atari had a history of supposedly scandalous activities in their games, such as Nolan admitting that Atari had a "fraternity culture" that included naming products after attractive female employees, such as the home version of Pong being named "Darlene." This led to the award committee deciding not to give Nolan the award due to the controversy.

This news led to much outrage because Nolan's actions took place more than four decades ago and countless other people had similar "scandals" that no one complains because they were also a long time ago. It also was another example of people caving into SJW complaints too quickly without doing any research and cowering at the very first sign of any controversy. Former female employees that worked with Nolan during the 70s defended him, stating that none of his behavior were misogynist nor had any indication of being sexual abuse.


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