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NRA Gun Club

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NRA Gun Club
Rapid Gunner: PlayStation 2 Edition
Genre(s): First-Person Shooter
Platform(s): PlayStation 2
Release: October 2, 2006
Developer(s): Jarhead Games
Publisher(s): NA: Crave Entertainment
ITA: 505 Games
Series: NRA
Predecessor: NRA Varmint Hunter

NRA Gun Club is a first-person shooting range video game developed by Jarhead Games and published by Crave Entertainment in North America for the PlayStation 2. The game was also released by 505 Games under the name Gun Club, but was only released in Italy, although this game got (officially) rated by the USK, which hinted that, like many of 505 Games' shady PAL releases, a German release was planned, but was canceled for unknown reasons.

Why It Sucks

  1. Dull shooting.
  2. Virtually no sound effects or ambience.
  3. Graphics which look worse than the original Quake.
  4. Monotonous and repetitive campaign mode: all you do is shoot at targets while standing still and after scoring an agonizingly large amount of required points (600), you get another gun. The cycle then repeats.
  5. Poor controls, mainly due to the PS2 controller's right stick sensitivity.
  6. Boring minigames.
  7. Wonky physics.
  8. The targeting reticule isn't even properly aligned.
  9. Large amount of guns in the game go to waste due to the boring gameplay.
  10. The irony of being officially endorsed by the NRA despite said group blaming video games for spree shootings in America.


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