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Lone Soldier

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Lone Soldier
Genre(s): Run and Gun
Platform(s): PlayStation
Release: EU: January 1996
JP: October 4, 1996
Developer(s): Tempest Software
Publisher(s): EU: Telstar
JP: Virgin Interactive

Lone Soldier is a 1996 PlayStation-only 3D run and gun game by Telstar and Tempest that was released in Japan and Europe.


The player is a lone commando tasked with stopping a terrorist group from launching a nuclear missile.

Why It Sucks

  1. The controls are sluggish, making it hard to aim.
  2. Your movement is very stiff and slow. To make things worse, you can sprint for an infinite amount of time, lessening the game's difficulty.
  3. Whenever you finish a level, you lose all of your weapons except for your default Uzi SMG.
  4. The camera is situated right behind the player character, instead of being isometric, giving the game a false impression of being a third-person shooter rather than the run-and-gun it really is.
  5. Atrocious graphics, even by PS1 standards, looks like an enlarged GBA game
  6. Terrible sound effects and voice acting.
  7. Terrible FMV cutscenes.
  8. No music outside of the aforementioned cutscenes. The musical score in said cutscenes wasn't any better than the in-game sound effects.
  9. Extremely lazy localization. The Japanese version is completely in English; the only trace of Japanese are voiceover translations of the opening and the ending.


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