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More reskins galore!
Genre(s): Sports
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows
PlayStation 4
Xbox One
Nintendo Switch
Release: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows
September 27, 2019
Engine: Frostbite 3
Developer(s): EA Vancouver
EA Romania
Publisher(s): EA Sports
Series: FIFA
Predecessor: FIFA 19
Successor: FIFA 21

FIFA 20 is a football/soccer game released by EA Sports for the Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Why It's Out Of Bounds

  1. Unrealistic transfers in career mode when the game came out (for example, Casco were transferred to Manchester City and plays every match for them even though Man City had 2 players who are higher rated than him).
  2. This game is just a reskin of previous games like its two predecessors due to graphics.
  3. Lost licenses to certain teams like Juventus and River Plate (now called Piemonte Calcio and Nunez).
  4. Career Mode is completely broken and they needed to be fixed.
  5. Near Post OP returns from FIFA 13, so whenever your opponent is close to the goal, your goalkeeper, no matter how good, will not stop the shot from going in.
  6. Career mode standings In some cases a team can have over 100 points and be third in the league.
  7. Relegation table- In the beginning of FIFA 20 teams like Real Madrid and Man City would get relegated and teams like Newcastle and Leganes would win the league.
    • They patch this but this is still broken as teams would only get 2 wins and finish the season with 8 points.
  8. Random gameplay lag occurs in the game.
  9. Pro Clubs still has not had an update.
  10. VOLTA mode is dead online. You can spend up to 7 minutes trying to find a match and you will not find one.
  11. There is a glitch that if you cross the ball and score, sometimes the game will crash.
  12. Some times when you are playing online, the game would randomly kick you out of EA servers.
  13. The Brazilian league does not have all the teams. For example, teams like Flamengo are missing from the game, although it is probably justified as the rights to feature a sports club from Brazil are by the time of release, co-owned between the individual players, meaning that permission is needed from all of the players in that club in order for an entire lineup to be featured.
  14. You cannot watch the simulation on career mode.
  15. The moral system is broken. If you simulate a whole season your best players will request a transfer because the AI does not take moral into account.
  16. The broadcasting package would always say undefined no matter what league.
    • It is worse for La Liga as sometimes the a big white translucent box would cover three fourths of the screen making it harder to play to play the game.
  17. When the game first released, there was a bug in the game that if you changed the players cleats, the player would their position and decrease their overall.
  18. There is a glitch in player career mode (not sure if it is fixed) where your player can have 0 star skill moves.
  19. You cannot play VOLTA online with friends.
  20. Although they have house rules, it feels like a downgrade of a similar mode in FIFA 10.
  21. Scripting. Must we explain it any further?
  22. FIFA Ultimate Team relies on packs heavily, in which buying the real money-only Points currency has higher chances of pulling good players.
    • However, a good team can still be built without purchasing points.
  23. EA have claimed they "fixed" the broadcasting package bug but it still happens, It is only fixed in the beginning of the game.
  24. The Switch version is released as a Legacy Edition (with only updated kits, squads, soundtracks and stadiums), making it a reskin of FIFA 19 Switch with the FIFA 20 name and the same problems as 18 and 19 on Switch.
  25. Career mode is unrealistic, You can have a player play 47 out of 48 games and they would want to leave the club for "not enough play time".
  26. Adding on WIS #4. Players in career mode will request to play a game despite them having a red card and being suspended for that fixture.
  27. FIFA 20 on Switch does not have VOLTA.
  28. FIFA Ultimate Team can be considered gambling for minors.
  29. There is an error in Pro Clubs where you can choose home or away kits. Sometimes you can pick the away kit but you will play with your home kit, It becomes a problem as you and your opponent can have the same color kit being hard to manage.
  30. Handicap abuse is still rampant in this game, and has been a problem since FIFA 13, where you could play against a full TOTS or TOTY team, and still win because Handicap will make the players work better than their stats say, for example, if you are running up to the goalkeeper with a Silver striker, the defense will split open, as if they stopped trying.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Pro Clubs with friends is always fun no matter what.
  2. There was a later update that added the Copa Libertadores broadcast package and added teams like Bolivar, Jorge Wilstermann and Barcelona Club de Ecuador into the game. But even with that being said you cannot pick that kit for pro clubs.
  3. Like the previous FIFA games the soundtrack is nice.
  4. The Romanian league was added to the game.
  5. You can customize your manager a lot more then FIFA 19 in career mode.
  6. The Ultimate Team content looks much better than Madden NFL 20's Ultimate Team.
  7. For the PC version of the game at least the mods are nice.


The game gave Metacritic score "Generally Favorable" on console version (Not counting "Legacy Edition" on Switch) and Metacritic user gave Overwhelming negative reception. But on Switch Version (Legacy Edition) gave Negative reception, both critic and fans.

The criticism cause same game with literally "Reskins" for FIFA 19 on switch version just only roster update.

Angry Joe ranked Number 8 for Legacy version (Switch) and Number 8.5 for PC and console version of "The Worst Games 2019".



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