Extreme Wintersports

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Extreme Wintersports
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"How do these games keep getting worse?!"
Genre(s): Sports
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows
Release: NA: April 30, 1999
DE: 1999
Developer(s): Hammer Technologies
Publisher(s): Head Games Publishing
Country: Spain
Series: Extreme Sports Series

Extreme Wintersports is a 1999 snowboarding game developed by Hammer Technologies, published by Head Games Publishing exclusively for Microsoft Windows, and sponsored by Arctic Cat and K2. It features skiing, riding on a snowmobile, and snowboarding around mountains.

Why It STILL Isn't Extreme

  1. The game features a catalogue of sponsored Arctic Cat and K2 products, which are useless and have no impact on the game itself.
  2. The FMV sequences are of incredibly low quality, as if they've been ripped from a dodgy VHS tape.
  3. The sound effects are subpar, and the voice lines are the same, regardless if you're playing as a male or female character.
  4. If you screw up, a male voice says "Ah you loser!" If you lose, the voice says "Too bad, dude. You loser." What a way to treat people who bought your game.
  5. The framerate is absolutely atrocious, especially when playing the game with maximum graphics settings.
  6. When running the game in Intel MMX graphics mode, all the textures turn white for some reason.
  7. The physics make no sense at all, as you'll be constantly fighting the level geometry, stopping and going at random.
  8. Pulling off tricks and stunts on a snowboard is incredibly hard due to the complex key commands.
  9. For whatever reason, there are no AI opponents whatsoever, and you can only play the events alone or in multiplayer.
  10. The game is poorly optimized, as it's incredibly unstable and is prone to crashing, even on computers that are more than capable of running it decently. LGR stated that he tried to get the game working on four different computers before finding a fifth one that would run the game without crashing.
  11. The game, or at least, the snowboarding portion of it, was heavily plagiarized from an earlier game titled Snow Wave Avalanche, that came out a year prior from the same developer that runs way better than this game!



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