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Dark Vampires: The Shadows of Dust

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Dark Vampires: The Shadows of Dust
"This game is a disgrace to vampire scaritage." -Draculaura from Monster High
Protagonist(s): Jack Peters
Genre(s): First-person shooter
Rating(s): PEGI: 16+
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows
Release: 2006
Developer(s): Wolfgroup
Publisher(s): IncaGold
Country: Germany

Dark Vampires: The Shadows of Dust is a 2006 first-person shooter video game developed by Wolfgroup and published by IncaGold for Microsoft Windows only in Europe.


The player takes the part of Jack Peters who is a vampire hunter. Thanks to this profession he is not exactly the best friend of the "Dark Council" which decides that he has to die. Now they send wave after wave of vampire assassins on their way to kill him. Jack on the other hand decides to be offensive and walks through the ten levels while shooting everything that crosses his way.

Why It Sucks

  1. The gameplay is repetitive. It only limits you to kill the number of vampires on tiny maps.
  2. The maps are extremely poorly designed. The club is a circle connected by a tiny corridor, the office is connected by several squares, and the city resembles a tetris block, a club that looks like a spaceship after corrosion. Everything looks same here. The only thing that stands out in the game is the colorful mat on the club's mission.
  3. Like W.A.R. Soldiers or Minecraft (if you change it in options), the game does not have view bobbing from first-person perspective.
  4. The main menu is terribly poor in options. In options it only has a changing resolution (video mode) from 800x600 to 1024x768 and texture quality from low to high, but it still looks same here.
  5. Unlike Wolfgroup's previous game, Dark Apes: The Fate of Devolution, it has not a huge maps where you collected unrelated items to complete levels, but is a cliché shooter with small maps. Worst of all, there is also no plot.
  6. Artificial difficulty: The game has been deliberately hindered because you will not receive any new ammunition or first aid kits. And the third level, i.e. the one in the city, is the smallest and in addition you have to defeat the most opponents on it.
  7. The game is really short. It can be finished in 30 minutes (without dying).
  8. This game has no save features at all. Right, the game is short, but it is not the easiest. But if there is a moment to leave the game, nothing is saved and you have to go from the very beginning.
  9. Shooting is distorted to the limit. You have to shoot at the exact pixel of the monster's body. If you click the left mouse button half a second too late, or by accident slightly push the cursor not where it is needed, you will not hit the opponent.
  10. Speaking about shooting, the weapons like an arsenal are poor. It only has a shuriken, a revolver and a bow. The weapons themselves do poor damage and are poorly imitated from those of reality.
  11. Extremely poor graphics. Character models resemble dolls, textures look like they came out of a swamp, and not to mention special effects.
  12. Hilariously bad animation. Particularly noteworthy is the animation of walking opponents or shooting.
  13. Horrible soundtrack. There are only two songs in the game. One of the main menu is an unbearable looped cacophony, and the other is a "techno hammer", which is looped to death and makes you want to escape from this planet.
  14. Embarrassing audio. The sounds are either taken from Counter-Strike, or have been recorded as sharply as possible. The sounds of dying opponents more resemble the sound of moaning from sex tapes.
  15. Artificial intelligence does not exist. Instead of implementing A.I., it was replaced with banal scripts and a field of view. If you are far away from them, the enemies do not react at all, and if they see you closely, they can hit you every time. When you're on the train, the vampires will still can clip through walls or doors.
  16. There are many technical or graphic glitches. Partial penetration of enemies through solids, frequent stucking immediately after appearance and frequent collision problems.
  17. There is a glitch which you can temporarily float in the air. Just jump onto the solid object in the right way, and after a while from unexplained circumstances, you will float in the air for a moment, or you will come across the protruding part of the building, from which you can annihilate more cannon fodder.
  18. It has no ending. When you finish all levels, the game will loop from the first level, only with a higher difficulty.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. The game cover itself looks attractive and encourages you to buy the game. One could suggest that it was an inspiration of Painkiller or DOOM, only with vampires. But for the above reasons, the game will disappoint the quality of performance.



Publication Score
Absolute Games 1%[1]
GameStar 20/100[2]
PC Games 15/100[2][3]

Critical reception

The game received extremely negative reviews. PC Games gave it a 15/100, summarising: "This first person shooter is sheer horror. Instead of the horror story advertised on the back of the packaging, a stupid Moorhuhn-clone in 3D awaits you, in which you should clean ten tiny levels of 60 vampires each. Why? We have no idea, Dark Vampires leaves the player in the dark. The control, which is set far too sensitively, makes it harder to do what is not particularly important: the blood suckers do not even have the IQ of a brain-amputated bat and are constantly caught by obstacles. The opponents can fire through massive walls. Better let a vampire bite you before you torture yourself through this grotto-bad shooter."[2][3]

The Russian website Absolute Games gave it a 1% out of 100%, saying: "Oddly enough, so gloomy - in every sense - creation has its own secret. What the Navigator’s Flight offers to the unfortunate domestic buyer consists of only three levels, and for each, a minute takes force. However, on the few sites that dared to mention Dark Vampires, they talk about ten locations and two degrees of difficulty (in the Russian version there is no choice). Did you also think that the demo is not even complete on the disc? However, the game would not have saved the extra seven stages. Not treated."[1]




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