Controversy and cancellation of AIDS Simulator

AIDS Simulator was a game on development to release through the Steam Direct system. The game was scheduled for June 12, 2018, but was pulled by Valve days before the official release.

AIDS Simulator official screen.jpg


AIDS Simulator would be the fifth from a series of FPS asset flips named "BUNCHOD00DZ TRASHCAN", created by indie developer BunchOD00dz. According to the developer himself, these five games were made just to defy and mock Valve's terrible guidelines for game publishing. The other four games (ISIS Simulator, Suicide Simulator, Asset Flip Simulator, and Triggering Simulator) were FPS asset flips too, with absurd game descriptions, large amount of glitches, and zero support. All this was done on purpose by the developer, to show how poor Valve's politics were.

The game was meant to be offensive, and this can be seen on its official description:

“In AIDS Simulator you play as a tourist that travels to Africa and contracts the HIV virus from the locals. Now he must take revenge and kill everyone before he dies so that they won't keep spreading AIDS to the other parts of the world. The African army soldiers will try to stop you, do you best to kill them all.
AIDS Simulator is a very short first-person shooter with boring gameplay, bad graphics and generic assets. If you're a game collector or just enjoy buying trash games in general, here's another garbage for your bin.

However, on June 8, 2018, Valve pulled AIDS Simulator along with the other four games. This was done just days after Valve was heavily criticized for almost allowing a school shooter simulator on the Steam Store. Nonetheless, Valve still allowed the other four joke games from BUNCHOD00DZ TRASHCAN for a while; in special, ISIS Simulator and Suicide Simulator were extremely offensive as well. It took a major press attention to make Valve finally change their guidelines and remove these five unappropriated asset flips. To make matters worse, Valve claimed that the five games were removed not because of the bad gameplay quality, but because they were "troll games".


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