Classic Mini SX-86

Classic Mini SX-86
Release Date: 2018
Generation: Eighth Generation

The Classic Mini HDMI TV Game SX-86 Mini Games Console Entertainment System (or Classic Mini SX-86 for short) is a rip-off of Nintendo's SNES/Super Famicom Classic released around 2018.

Why It Flopped

  1. Most notably, the name for the console is ridiculously long! Good luck trying to even accurately memorize it.
  2. "Neo Geo" on the home menu is spelled wrong, it's spelled Neo Ngo.
    • Speaking of the home menu, it has a very ugly appearance.
  3. The console has a hard time starting up, you have to unplug the console to get it to work sometimes.
  4. EXTREMELY ATROCIOUS emulation. It results into a horrible framerate that can only go up to only 2 FPS on 3D PlayStation games (most notably Soul Edge), and even lots of audio and visual problems such as the speed-up in sound (the Konami logo in Metal Warriors even sounds like someone banging their head on a piano (As said by Rerez when he reviewed the console) as a result) and sprites and backgrounds glitches.
    • Games like Batman And Robin on Sega Genesis have no background. Making it more difficult to play.
  5. The controller's analog joysticks are terrible, as they slat on around. The controllers also have a crystal blue color which doesn't even fit with the color of the console, which exactly looks like a SNES Classic, look exactly like the DualShock 1/2 controllers, and also have weird numbered face buttons.
  6. The controls in many games are very unresponsive because there are lots of input lags.
  7. Button register problems & inconsistencies that aren't helped by the bad quality on the controllers.
  8. There is a lack of build quality on the console and controllers themselves. They feel very easy to break and crispy.
  9. The box with the Neo Geo word uses a picture of Street Fighter, which was never released on the Neo Geo!
  10. The instruction manual has poor grammar/Engrish, making it hard to understand.
  11. It even has hacks of games that already exist. For example, there is a hack of Mick And Mack as The Global Gladiators called Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets. which features a poorly-drawn Harry Potter.
  12. The only game that works well with the PlayStation emulator is an obscure game called: Ugetsu Kitan, developed by Will and published by TonkinHouse, being (according to Rerez) one of the worst games on the system, with scary graphics, horrifying sounds, and gross-out bad character designs that are NASTY to look at.



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