Animal Soccer World

Animal Soccer World


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This game has NOTHING to do with any type of soccer game.
Genre: Movie
Mini-game Collection
Platforms: PlayStation
PlayStation 2
Release Date: PlayStation
June 27, 2003
PlayStation 2
October 2, 2006
Developer: The Code Monkeys
Publisher: Phoenix Games

Animal Soccer World (German: Das Unglaubliche Fussballspiel der Tiere, lit. The Unbelievable Soccer Game of Animals; known on PS1 as Animal Football) is a "video game" developed by The Code Monkeys and published by Phoenix Games for the Sony PlayStation and PlayStation 2. It is an animated movie made by Dingo Pictures along with some mini-games, like memory games and puzzles. It was released only in Europe.

Why It Sucks

  1. The "game" isn't even a game. It is just an animated movie with a few minigames.
  2. The voice acting is horrendous. Only one person voices everyone and he completely fails at it, since he barely speaks English and his voice is weird. He even voices the female characters. There's also times where he will speak too fast or slow out of nowhere.
  3. No lip-sync at all. There is also terrible sound direction as most sounds are not even synchronized with the animation, talk about the infamous 1993 Bubsy pilot (for example, the animation of the referee blowing his whistle and the sound of the whistle being blown do not occur simultaneously).
  4. The animation is absolutely abysmal, resembling something from the 1970's or very early 1980's cartoon. since it was made by Dingo Pictures. It will make your eyes pop out from the shock (in many occasions, the characters are bobbing their heads repeatedly).
  5. To add on to #4: false advertising, since the cover implies the film has the same animation as the box art.
  6. Lame story-line: the animals decided to play a soccer match just because a dog and panther fought and want to see who can kick the ball further.
  7. The characters are recycled from previous games (such as The Dalmatians and Lion and The King) made by the same company, as well as the music.
  8. On two occasions, a duck nurse comes through to help an injured character, and makes a siren-like noise that is extremely irritating.
  9. The character designs are just lazy, especially for Harry the reporter.
  10. One song that plays remains in German with a Dutch voice-over. This is bizarre since the entire movie was dubbed to English.
  11. The movie is only thirty minutes long.
  12. Since this is made by Phoenix, the disc is of poor quality and will overheat so much that it will never load again if you want to put it in your PS2 again.
  13. The mini-games are just mediocre. There's no background music at all, the cursor moves too slow and the sound effects are awful. It's boring to play them and there's no point in playing them at all.
  14. Extremely long loading times.
  15. No interactivity.
  16. The game tries to rip-off the soccer match scene from Bedknobs and Broomsticks, but the results are terrible.
  17. During the soccer match, the animals that are quadrupedal (such as the Lion Cub, Alligator, and the dogs which can only walk on four legs) are shown as being Bipedal (being able to walk on two legs), which is very strange.
  18. When the animals play their music, it layers over the music that was already playing.
  19. Almost all of the instruments in the movie are not the ones in the music.
  20. The same music is played on a loop for the rest of the movie.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The idea behind the story was interesting.
  2. While repetitive, the soundtrack is at least decent.


The game has become infamous for its poor quality and is considered by many one of the worst games of all time. DXFan619, in his video about Phoenix Games, said that this is one of the worst games that he ever played, and criticized heavily the voice acting, which he considers the worst of all time.



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