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Amusement Park

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Amusement Park
Protagonist(s): Unnamed clown
Genre(s): Edutainment
Platform(s): SmarTV Adventures, Sapientino Smart TV
Release: 2015?
Developer(s): Clementoni?
Publisher(s): Clementoni, Kidconnection
Country: Italy, USA

Amusement Park is a game developed by Clementoni(?) and published by Clementoni on an unknown release date. It is one of 2 games that were bundled with(and released for)the SmarTV Adventures game console, the other game is Great Adventures. It was also released in Italy under the name English Luna Park.


A clown goes through various areas of an amusement park

Why It Sucks

  1. The game has a lot of things that don’t make sense. For example:
    • The clown gets hurt by bouncing balls and water
    • The clown can float(and control what direction he goes in) with 1 balloon.
    • Collecting ”alphabet boxes” in the first level that will “guide us to the park”.
    • Using a springy flower and a hat as weapons.
    • The goal being an abacus with large sliding balls.
    • The clown saying “spider” in a strange intonation when you see a spider.
    • Using bow ties as hearts.
    • Using an umbrella to protect yourself from a fist-in-a-box, which defeats the box in one hit.
  2. Poor programing:
    • If you walk onto a rising platform(or any other solid ground above the floor), then walk off, the clown will fall through the ground and lose some health.
    • In the “haunted house” hidden object game, pressing the white button anywhere except the object you are supposed to find will cause you to get hurt.
  3. Strange enemy choices, like:
    • bouncing balls
    • fire hydrants
    • Fists-in-boxes(like a jack in the box, but the jack is replaced by a fist wearing a boxing glove).
    • normal boxes(not really enemies, but you have to break them to progress).
  4. The clown’s voice changes when he says “the learning games option” and “the object”.
  5. The name of the modes are generic and bland, with the story mode called Amazing Adventure and the option to play the levels individually is called Learning Games.
  6. The game in general is a rip off of Alphabet Park Adventure, the game that was bundled with the V-Smile. Both games teach you the alphabet, both games take place in an amusement park, and the goal is to collect something in both games(Power rings in Alphabet Park Adventure, Alphabet boxes in Amusement Park). Also, the games Italian name means English Amusement Park when translated to English, further proving this.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Kids might be able to learn something from it.
  2. It has ten levels, all of which have a different goal.
  3. It falls into the category of “so bad its good” due to the strangeness of the game.



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